The Trickster in Countdown to Final Crisis

Some spoilers ahead…

I’m liking this series for the most part. It’s my first time reading these and love the characters… Except for Trickster after he gets tethered to Piper. The gay jokes are sprinkled on at first and I found myself not minding them. But after the umpteenth panel of Trickster giving Piper ■■■■ for being gay, I’m so glad he got killed by Deadshot. Or at least I hope he’s dead, as I’m on the issue that ends with Trickster getting a headshot.

I’m not very familiar with Trickster, so I don’t know if it’s part of who he is, the homophobia. But it sure isn’t one of those product of the times deals either. I see it was released in 2007. I lived through 2007. We were phasing out saying “that’s gay” when something was stupid or unappealing by then. This wasn’t some early 90s book. So, I’m baffled as to why the homophobia is so heavy in this series.

I’m usually not one to get offended. It’s just that Trickster laid it on so heavy that I felt like stopping and reading something else. If Trickster isn’t dead, or even if he is, is there a reason as to why his homophobia (and even Deadshot’s in some panels) was so heavy? Is there a plot point this all leads to? Is it character based? Someone clarify this for me please as I really like this series and don’t want to feel like it was homophobia for the sake of being homophobic, because it sure isn’t a thing of the “times”.

We’re reading through this story in the Renegade Robins Club right now, so if you want to pose this question in that discussion thread, I’m sure we could talk about it in detail.

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