The Swamp Thing Love Thread

Not sure if one of these threads has been made for Swamp Thing, but in case it hasn’t…this is the place for people to share their love for The Guardian of The Green!

People can share their favorite moments/covers from the comics, discuss adaptations of the character in various media, share fan art and collections - just do whatever to celebrate and discuss Swamp Thing and the character’s mythos!


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Good Swamp Thing, good thread.


For me Swamp Thing was The Return of Swamp Thing, the animated series, and the live action series as a kid. I read some of the comics, too.

I always felt those early issues pre-Moore don’t get the credit they deserve. Those Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson stories are really good, but apparently if it’s not Moore, it’s not worth talking about. It’s like those people who love to claim Frank Miller brought Batman out of the campy sixties era, when they should really credit O’Neil, Adams, Rogers, Aparo, and all the others who got there long before Miller did.

I will say this: the beauty of Swamp Thing is you can go in so many directions with the character, so writers and artists can really flex their storytelling muscles. That’s always a joy to see.


I’ve read every Swamp Thing solo comic and a lot of his various adventurs in other titles. I actually did a separate tribute that went over his long history.

Also a big fan of the Wes Craven movie and the recent live-action TV show. Any Swamp Thing comics that stand out to you as your favorite?


That would definitely have to be the Brave and the Bold team-ups. My aunt collected comics during the seventies and eighties. She sent me random comics every now and then in the nineties. There were quite a few Brave and the Bold issues, with two of them guest starring Swamp Thing. Even seeing the covers brings back memories.


I’m curious about what Mangold means with his comment regarding an amnesia driven story


It’s time to resurrect this thread. So let me ask y’all - what do you want to see from Swamp Thing in the future of comics?


One thing I’ve always wanted was a story focused on the connection between Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy. There is just much potential to see these two together, the similarities and differences between them is rich. Alec is no fool when it comes to the negative side of humanity, and Ivy has become smarter and wiser in regards to how she view humanity. Probably the best example of a Ying-Yang relationship

Also gonna tag @Razzzcat in the hopes she can shed some of her thoughts on this idea


@EDT To put it simply:

I’ve wanted this for a long time. It makes SO much sense (imo) :woman_shrugging:t2: I have to wonder why they aren’t together more?

Sure, I’m massively biased as a fan of both characters (#GoTeamGreen! :green_heart:) but that doesn’t change what they have in common, their history, along with their differences, ([edit] and the Earth being a timely subject) which I think could make for a great mini series at the very least. I also genuinely think that horror and gothic romance elements work really well with Ivy, just like they do Swampy. :ivy_kiss: :st_swamp_thing2:


Ps. Do you have an idea of how you’d like this to manifest? :thinking: I go back n’ forth. For instance, (I LOVE this name) but when I saw it, I was far too excited w/ the idea of all of these characters together :laughing: :seedling:

But then I start thinking about Animal Man and Black Orchid (and any other similar characters that are underused) and realize this could be a much bigger story if the right people were working it. So I don’t know how, but I do know I want to see it. :green_heart:

(I’ll be back to litter this thread, btw. But I’ll start with this)


I haven’t read that special. But I do like the idea of the elemental based characters interacting more with each other.

Also, remind me who Bloom is again? I remember him as a villain from the tail end of Snyder’s Batman run but forgot how his powers are supposed to work


@EDT Same. I wish it was a team-up, but it’s an anthology. Fun, though, if you’re ever in the mood. :green_heart:

Mr. Bloom—This guy, yeah?

If I’m not mistaken he popped up again in Task Force Z, as well and that made him even more confusing. He has a lot of the same powers as Swampy (durability and shapeshifting) but also electricity and fire and machines…? I haven’t had a chance to go back and finish TFZ, so that’s all I got.


This is still one of my favorite scenes from the entire character’s history. I miss seeing Abigail so much :cry:


:green_heart: (Art station - Lucas Troya)


(Fights back tears) It’s…it’s a good piece. And no, I’m not crying!


@EDT Not a fan? Or did I miss the joke? :laughing: There’s another version, but I went w/ the one that won’t give the mods work to do. :green_heart:

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And this:


The last kiss those two will share…now I am crying! :sob: