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The story of Victor Fries has always captivated me from the moment it was introduced to me in Batman: The Animated Series. The love he has for Nora, his desperate wish to somehow save her life…it remains one of the most memorable stories in the Batverse to me. So this month I thought we would tale another look at the character although for some it might be the first time.

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  • What is your all time favorite Mr. Freeze story?

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Allow me to break the ice…

This is the one Batman villain whom I almost always prefer in adaptations rather than the comics themselves. He’s fun in the TV show. He’s compelling in the animated series. And he’s memorable in the movie, at the very least. But he never seemed to work as well on the page for whatever reason. The elements are there, but they don’t click together.

All that being said, my favorite Mr. Freeze story is his first appearance in the Filmation series. :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel the same about his comic appearances vs those in other media.


I’m gonna go on a whim and guess this one is why you say “almost always”? :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyway, I don’t recall reading the first two, but I really enjoyed the last two, especially Victor & Nora. That was one of the OGNs that I think could almost work in the main line and is up there with the best Mr Freeze stories.


I enjoyed Victor & Nora as well.


The Animated Series episode “Deep Freeze” with the evil Walt Disney character.