The Riddler Has Escaped!

Be on the lookout for a gaunt, twitchy fellow who is partial to green- he seems to have escaped in the night and there have been no sightings of his whereabouts. But we remain vigilante, and hope you will be, too!


What an Enigma

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Oh he’s here, do you want me to send him your way?

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pulls out a cattle prod and a couple Glad ForceFlex trash bags

Is there a reward for catching him?


I’ll be on the lookout.

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I guess he just needed time to think of some new riddles.

@Vroom Reward? Psh posh I’ll do it for nothing because it’s my civic duty!

Yeah, let’s all go find that devious criminal together!

In other news, it’s buy-one-get-one-free day at BatJamags’ Pitchfork-and-Torch Emporium.

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I believe he’s just misunderstood and needs us to listen to him. But I’m bringing my taser just in case.

@DCCC Civic duty, schmivic duty! I finally found an opportunity to use my cattle prod(s) and trash bags and by Forrest Gump I aim to do so!

Politely awaits word on a reward. Does dot to dot puzzles in the meanwhile.


Seriously, you guys aren’t gonna see a better deal on pitchforks. It’s a great day for an angry mob and also giving me lots of money.


digs up old binoculars on lookout now :eyes:

I’ve tried checking the comments sections on Riddler-related comics, and even the Riddler DC Nation Short… haven’t turned anything up yet. Funny, he usually leaves some sort of clue…



Are you offering angry mob pitchfork and torch training?


I think he stole Batman Forever from the Movies/TV section…

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That depends. How much are you willing to pay for angry mob pitchfork and torch training?

If you really want to find him, and can pay a bounty, Jonah Hex will round him up for you.


Gee whiz, Batjamags… you sound like a lawyer or something

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sets up a stick and box trap with an unsolved rubix cube as the bait

… and now we wait.

:sparkles:!𝖒𝖑𝖆𝖈 𝖊𝕭:sparkles:

Attention, heroes of the DC Universe forum! I have a message for you on behalf of the Justice League.

We were recently made aware of the escape of a minor villain from Arkham Asylum, but we wanted to assure you that the League is doing everything in our power to find and contain the fugitive as quickly as possible.

If you have any information about where to find Edward Nygma, otherwise known as The Riddler, please let a member of the league know immediately. Do not engage the suspect.


Do not engage the suspect!