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Well folks we have reached the end of an era. This session of the BatFam (@RenegadeRobinsClub) features the final issues of Super Sons. Don’t fear though because we still have more adventures of the pint sized World’s Finest on the horizon with Adventures of the Super Sons and Challenge of the Super Sons which we will get to in 2024.

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Issues to Read


  1. It’s nice to see Jon and Damian again. What did you think of Damian being in the same school as Jon?

  2. Damian’s mom is a piece of work isn’t she? Damian, once again, shows loyality to his father’s ideals here. What did you think of that aspect of this story?

  3. Kid Amazo is back and looking for revenge and this time he has the JL captured. Damian took a risk here. What did you think of his plan?

Hidden in the Batcave

  • For September: Cassandra Cain: Batgirl

  • For October: For the Love of Nora: The Sad Tale of Victor Fries

  • For November: Jean Paul Valley: Azrael