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Is it considered forbidden or blasphemous to talk about Marvel on these messages boards? I’d love to hear what everyone else is reading from them. I mainly stick to DC but I’ve been trying to read more of their stuff because variety is the spice of life as they say. So far I’ve been reading a lot of X Men. I started with Extermination and was completely confused the whole time reading it, I don’t think it was the best jumping on point, but I just finished Uncanny #1-9 and really enjoyed it.


From Marvel, I’m currently loving G. Willow Wilson’s Ms. Marvel. I’ve been reading it for a couple years now and it’s always such a fun read. I’ll also give a shout out to Frank Miller’s Daredevil and Posehn & Duggan run on Deadpool.


You can talk about marvel. I love the X-men and Spider-Man, they are one of my favorite comic book characters


Marvel is great but really hard to find good jumping on points since they constantly reference things going back to the 60s.

“Constantly” is a bit of an exaggeration and if anything, Marvel has too many jumping on points. The titles start over any time a new creative team comes on.

These titles have all re-started in the past year and are all great jumping on points:

Amazing Spider-Man
Iron Man
Captain America
Fantastic Four

Coming up shortly you’re going to have new Daredevil and X-Men series as well.

The good thing about Marvel is Marvel Unlimited. Pretty much pick a character and you’re set because most of their history is probably there.

The problem with most of the Marvel #1s is that they’re not a fresh beginning, just a renumbering to generate hype and entice collectors. Marvel is really struggling under the weight of their continuity and their current inability to create solid, stand alone series that don’t rely on an in depth history of the Marvel Universe.


How’s about the other other comic publishers like Aspen and Image (among others)? I’m not reading a thing from anyone but DC lately, but can we talk about the other publishers or is this a Marvel only thread?


Immortal Hulk is great. Also really liking the current run on Captain America and the Jessica Jones digital original.

@Locothedog123 I’m enjoying the current Captain America too! Steve Rodgers is my dude. Immortal Hulk is on my to read list. I’m wondering since Thunderbolt Ross is a character in Cap if there’s any cross over between that series and Hulk?

I’ve been binge reading Xmen blue, just to get an idea what’s been happening with the first xmen team, before read Xmen extermination and the new uncanny xmen.

Immortal Hulk has been epic, thought i wasnt going to like the horror aspect, but I’m enjoying.

I need to start Weapon H, finish old man logan, and a bunch of other books

I’m a die-hard Spidey fan, so I’m always reading that and Immortal Hulk is a great read so far. The problem with Marvel is they changing their comics to match the movies and while their movies are great, that’s not the right approach in my opinion

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I’ve mostly been reading Immortal Hulk, Return of Wolverine, Infinity Wars and Star Wars from Marvel.

TMNT Universe from IDW

I Reading Planet Hulk and would wish DC Universe would also have complete story arc with reading order.

can’t touch Spidey, but I can think of two books that emulate Peter Parker in the best way, unique and well-written … Ironheart and Ms. Marvel

stoked for the gritty Black Widow reboot on Wednesday

Marvel’s new Conan book is really good.

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@ragdollrebel There actually has been some crossover. General Fortean has been spearheading the hunt for the Hulk since Ross is otherwise occupied. And without spoiling anything, Ross makes an appearance in the most recent Hulk issue that appears to tie in to current events in Cap’s title.

If anyone is having struggles with the weight of Marvel’s continuity, may I suggest Marvel Unlimited, as a reference point. As unlimited currently has almost every Marvel title archived, that is older than six months.

It’s a pretty amazing service that some people on these message boards say is impossible to do, as they believe DC would go out of business; and yet Marvel is somehow the market leader doing this very thing.


I heard the first issue of Conan was great, just havent gotten a chance to go pick it up yet

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@jeynyce I agree with you, that some of the books are starting to reflect the movies. When it should be the other way around

@TheDemonEtrigan and @Bane , the issue is really good especially how worried I was that Marvel wouldn’t be able to give Conan or REH the justice and respect they deserve given who Marvel’s owners are (and what those people to ERB’s John Carter).