The Official Thread of DC Daily

Greetings, friends!

Welcome to the official thread of DC Daily! This is our little corner of DC Universe to continue all the discussions and topics our esteemed hosts cover 5 days a week.

Will you be picking up the latest releases? What special guests would you like to see? Do you have any specific questions for the hosts? Let us know every day in the comments below!

You never know who might join us…


Cool, It deserves it’s own thread. Haven’t seen the show since the halloween episode and so I need to catch up.

Hey what about that other youtube channel show, VS? Interesting debates


I’m picking up Wonder Woman 58 because of the interview I watched on DC Daily. Can’t wait to read it!


I would love to see more cast members of the DCU original shows, DCTV and past & upcoming DC films. Can we get an interview of the Aquaman cast and director? Also, Patty Jenkins and the WW crew?

The live reading of the Terrific comic was really cool. I’d love to see more of that.

It would be great if they would talk about or specifically refer to some of the popular threads in the community. It would help us feel connected to the show.

Can we have a sweepstakes to be a guest on the show or visit the set?


I’d like to see more interviews done by Tiff or Clarke. It’d also be cool to see more interviews done like the ones for George Perez where it was more documentary style with the interviewer (probably a producer) off camera.


Great suggestions- keep 'em coming! I’ve heard some rumblings of more interconnectedness with the community…


I’d love to know what comics or shows they’re going discuss/ debate in the panel well before the show so that I can read/ watch them ahead of the show (maybe post a monthly calendar?).

Many times now, I’ve skipped the panel because I didn’t want spoilers. But I don’t like skipping the panel because the panel is my favorite part of the show.


After the show, put out a poll in the community of some of the questions that came out during panel. For example, in Ep.42 they asked if Kori & Dick moved too fast. Make a poll for that. In Ep. 45 they asked if Batman was doing the right thing with Robin. Make a poll for that, etc.


yeah seeing G. Willow was a great surprise, been looking forward to her WW run for months

and all the other amazing guests and panels, somehow they captured the speed force in a bottle with DC Daily


Since we’re a community in this world of ours at DCU, I would love a few minutes in each show where the hosts look into the community here and read posts and discuss and give their opinions of agreeing and disagreeing. Doesn’t even need to be a theme of any sort but something like… “today in the community ______ said and are discussing…” and then build from there. It would feel so awesome to be acknowledged and feel like were apart of the DCU in these daily shows instead or just feeling like I’m watching a show.


I like this!


Episode 46: “Electric Warriors”
After the enthusiasm during the panel about the “octopus people” and the beautiful panels displayed, I’m going to give it try. It’s looks gorgeous. I’ve seen lion-men in other comics, but beautiful octopus-people is new to me. I’m excited to read it. Honestly, if the “Octopus people” hadn’t been mentioned I probably would’ve skipped it. Thanks for sharing it so enthusiastically!


In today’s episode 11/16/18 they mentioned how good The Witching Hour is and that it should be a movie. I wholeheartedly agree! That story was great. The art was stunning. I loved the powers on display. I don’t remember an event before TWH that had Wonder Woman at the center of it, so that story was a breath of fresh air amongst the sea of Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern events.


If you’re interested in older Wonder Woman events, War of the Gods and Amazons Attack come to mind.

Electric Warriors was good. I’m on board for the rest of it. Has a unique feel from the rest of the line.


@Vroom thanks! I’ll have to check those events out.


I know Tiff is the primary host, but how about mixing it up every now and then and maybe let Whitney host as well? I know Markeia filled in a little when Tiff was away at NY Comic Con. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tiff, but I’d like to see Whitney get a little more reps, especially since she also hosted DC All-Access as well.

I’m in love with Tiffany Smith and Clarke Wolf, crushin bad.


I really enjoyed the little motion comic preview for The Terrifics. I’d like to see more of those on the show.


Need more on hector Navarro tv front like and extra 10 minutes to that segment

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Question: Why have an “official” thread for DC Daily instead of encouraging discussion in the DC Daily comments section?