The Modern Age Superman Club Week 1: The Adventures Begin!

Welcome to the inaugural week (“origin issue”, if you like) of The Modern Age Superman Club!
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To kick off the adventures, we’re starting off with one of my absolute, all-time favorite, ongoing Superman series of the modern (1986-present) era, The Adventures of Superman! Read on for all of the action-packed details!

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If you’ve never read this series, know that #424 is the debut issue, as the series was previously known/titled as Superman (volume 1, for those keeping count). The Adventures of Superman runs from issues 424-649.

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  • Along with Action Comics (starting at #584) and Superman, volume 2, The Adventures of Superman was part of the Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths relaunch for the Superman franchise. Of these three titles, which is your favorite and why (and yes, you will get Cool Points if you say The Adventures of Superman, but only if you actually mean it :wink:)?

  • What was your favorite issue from this week’s selection?

  • Anything else that comes to mind about this week’s books.

Those are the super-deets for a super week of adventure, my Super Friends! I hope you enjoy our swell reads! :nerd_face: :superman:

Stay super! :superman_hv_4:

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As much as I am a fan of Action Comics, they didn’t always feature Superman. I am a fan of the characters that were featured, Black Canary being one of those characters, Adventures of Superman was always my go-to Superman book. This self-imposed bias has not changed through the years, while Action Comics in New 52 might have been Grant Morrison doing some great Superman stories, I actually preferred the Superman comic. I like to see his name smack-dab at the top of the comic in that great font.


Also, John Byrne ain’t a name to scoff at, regarding Superman. Still, I usually found myself going to Adventures, especially in the later years of that series.


You refer to Action Comics Weekly, but have you read the John Byrne run of Action (first issue is linked above)? It’s good my friend, good. As is the rest of the run up to and including Action #600.


I believe Action Comics Weekly actually took over for Action Comics for a bit in the 80s. I might be wrong but that is where those comics can be found on DCUI. I have more than likely read pieces of that run as a kid. With that said, I can’t really remember anything from it.

I also saw you are doing a Lois and Clark WAL. Maybe, it could be fun to read the comics that are found in that TPB collection? That might be more for the Classic Superman club though as I will need to check out the books collected in that trade.


For me, it’s simple:

“Adventure” is one of my all-time favorite words.

Meanwhile, Superman is my favorite:

  • fictional character
  • super hero
  • DC character
  • DC super hero
  • DC franchise

So, when DC is ever so kind to make a tasty comic sandwich whose “bread” consists of “adventure” and “Superman” while the storytelling “meat” within is tasty beyond compare, this guy is going to be on-board, and then some!

could go for a tasty sammy right now

Mmmm…comic sandwich…


Indeed. Right after Byrne’s run ended in #600.

For any curious, you can check out the first issue of Action Comics Weekly right here.

Quite so, my good man. Join us, won’t you? You’ve a reserved seat.

I gave it some consideration. However, that trade is long OOP, so I didn’t want to have anyone who doesn’t have it feel that they had to read along with it in any way, or refer to it in any way, as well.

My thought process: Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman debuted on HBO Max, while The Adventures of Superman is a similarly-titled comic series (that, of course, predates the show by 6 years). Given their titular similarities, they mesh well into one another, I find. :slight_smile:


I remember liking Byrne’s work on Action Comics back then, but I also like this run as well.
I liked Superman finding and saving Perry’s son. Good to see him do a bit of detective work.
I had forgotten how much less powerful Superman was after this relaunch. Seeing him experience pain and having to strain to lift rubble was a little weird.


I’m so excited to read these for the first time!!! What kind of Superman fan am I!


As the song goes, :notes: “You’re so excited, and you just can’t hide it!” :notes:

So, this is your first time reading The Adventures of Superman?

Fellow Superfan, you are in for a TREAT. :clark_hv_4:


You’re a great Superman fan! Don’t feel bad You’re not alone, wish I’ve read every comic he appeared in, same with Batman. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just wait until you see Week 2…

sits back in the shadows, fingers interlaced, as a sliver of light gleams over his glasses in just the right fashion

Just…wait…:sunglasses: :superman: :batman:


I am exploding with excitement! :exploding_head:



walks over to an empty register, grabs the mic and says “Herb, clean up on aisle 38, please.” then resumes looking at his clipboard as he makes his way into the stockroom for a morning nap


Herb we were never in aisle 38, I’m telling you, honest! :grin:

Love that classic movie!


I’m loaded on Cherry Coke right now, so maybe it’s the bubbles that just went up my nose (“The bubbles! The bubbles!” to quote Bubbles from Finding Nemo), but what movie is that from, again?


Mr. Mom (1983) Starring Michael Keaton and Terri Garr.:slightly_smiling_face:


Grife on a hat, I should have known that!

'Course, Mr. Mom isn’t one of my personal Keaton favs, but my dad and brother quote it so often that I should know a quote from it.

Me? I’m more of a Multiplicity guy.

“I like pizza, Steve. I got a wallet.”


Now you got me in the mood to watch the movie, I’m watching it right now!:laughing:


Multiplicity’s a good one. I still remember laughing myself silly when I saw it during its theatrical run.

The fact that the lovely Andie MacDowell was in it was a big bonus, too.

Laura (seductively eating ice cream while looking at Doug #2): “Want some?”

Doug #2: “Yeeep.”

You know what Multiplicity and Superman have in common, yes?