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Unfortunately I will not be able to attend Fandome, as I am going out to meet with my tribe and go antique shopping and downtown adventuring. I will however make a nice evening with Jason looking at what has come out of Fandome that has made its way to YouTube, and I’ll make some… snacks :wink:


I mean… I gotta keep it safe in here but y’all know how I am :laughing:



With that said, if there is any Jason related news such as Titans and/or Gotham Knights for example, please feel free to share it here, I am still interested!


none of that matters, there’s a variant cover you have to buy


My mom sent me the Jason one 2 days ago… I thought it was fanart at first (a really great one at that).

Does this mean that I now have the right to share the… shirtless Jason content that I have been keeping to myself this whole time? As long as I use the blurring option???

Has DC been aware of my DCUI presence and reputation on here to have decided to bless me with this variant cover of Jason? I need to know how this happened and the beautiful mind that decided these were a great idea. Seriously.

@LastSon0fMars I need answers lol :laughing:




I apologize for the dramatic delay but… we had a KeyFam Birthday and I made some new art.

There are so many interesting parts to this series, it’s hard to know where to start! Here are some of the pages that stood out.

:rotating_light: SPOILER ALERT :rotating_light:

I love the split-page connecting the two characters through their experience - super powerful.

The use of the reflection…. :exploding_head:

Deep stuff

Cinnamon Grumby :rofl:

This style reminded me of JL8.

Ahem. :batman_hv_2:

That pixelation and linework is sick!



LOVE this page.



This retro style out of nowhere is AMAZING!

Once I finished RHATO #25, I understood why as a Jason Todd fan you would stop reading. This changes everything (for some and doesn’t for others). Did you ever read past that issue in this series or even consider trying? I am interested in what happens to the trio and mostly how this will change Jason’s relationship with Bruce. It was a hell of a fun run! Thank you again for recommending it to me! Now that I’m all caught up, I’d love your unfiltered thoughts!


I myself have yet to read anything past issue 25, but I do own the physical volumes 1-3 of Red Hood: Outlaw, not because of being upset but due to time IRL. I have seen various panels of newer issues and I have watched some of Comicstorian’s videos on YouTube as well. Without giving things away too much, it was like experiencing the following of the Ric Grayson storyline, where you didn’t have to continue reading it to know whether or not he was no longer “Ric”, because you knew that at some point DC would bring his character back at some point. I knew that the situation between the 3 Outlaws would eventually work out in time, we just had a while to get there. It also doesn’t help that all of this was going on during a time where nearly everyone was upset at almost everything DC was doing, with “Ric” Grayson, Heroes in Crisis, and any other event or comic book moments that pissed fans off (thankfully this has passed over, for the most part). I do plan to eventually finish reading the rest once it all gets released into volumes and when I find the time to do so.

Also, all of those panels (aside from the Father vs. Son fight, of course) are very much on my list of best moments from this series, and I don’t mean that just because of Dexter Soy. This series has taught me something about the kinds of people who claim to hate Jason Todd with a burning passion (I’m sure we have all seen them on here at some point). While I agree very much that everyone has their right to their opinions and such, when Todd haters say things like “he’s a serial killer” or “he’s just an angsty bad boy who’s trying to be edgy”, it’s very clear that those people haven’t read this version. Those people are mostly familiar with the 2005 version, back when DC didn’t know which direction to take Jason, back when they ultimately decided to make him a villain. His redemption is one of the few good things to come out of the New 52. Yes, the events of the original Under the Red Hood story are still canon, and yes, Jason will admit that he did at one point try to kill Dick, but it is now canon that he has turned a new leaf and they have patched things up. DC has been getting better with having more Dick and Jason brother moments. The same goes for the other brothers as well. As for him and Bats… it varies on the writer. Those that hate Jason Todd technically hate the post crisis version, not the modern day one. I always have to keep this in mind when I see their comments.

I’m glad that you have enjoyed this series so far, and now you know who Jason is a little better :heart::heartpulse::black_heart:


Also… if you ever meet Isabel… ignore her. I know I do :unamused: (You’ll understand why)


Alrighty, enough of the serious dinner discussion, it’s time to bring out the dessert…

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Hi-Res JT I had lying around on my tablet


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“I’m sorry. Did you say something? I was too busy getting lost in your eyes



Quite the thread @TheWifeOfJasonTodd. :sunglasses: :+1:

Some posts I used super speed to pass by because of spoilers… :sweat_smile: :eyes:

So here is my experience with Jason Todd. :nerd_face:

Jason Todd Summary

So, first experience was watching Under the Red Hood not long after that movie came out. It’s one of my top DC Animated movies. :movie_camera:

Next, would be as I’ve started reading through Red Hood and the Outlaws Rebirth. :books:

Before DCU/DCUI I didn’t have much of an opportunity to read comics, even though I had always wanted to while watching various DC content over the years. :pensive:

So, RHaTO has been one of the Rebirth series I’ve quite enjoyed as I’m up to getting to read 7… At some point. I am bouncing between a lot of Rebirth series, among others, as I got to read them all. :sweat_smile:

Will definitely look forward to reading more and looking more in depth at previous posts again. :clark_hv_4:

Perhaps might even read even earlier series of Red Hood as well. :thinking:

To be continued… :superman_hv_4:

Also a number of the panels that have been shared are some I also would have shared. :joy:

Here are some though that also made an impression for me. :smiley:


Hi there! Welcome to the thread, and I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the story so far. Definitely share your thoughts when you read more, I’d like to hear them.

(No worries, there are NO spoilers in this response)

The best advice that I can give you when you read more Red Hood stories other than the Rebirth one is to keep in mind when the story was written and which timeline it takes place in. The classic comic book version of Under the Red Hood and Red Hood: the Lost Days (highly recommend btw) are set during the time when DC first brought him back, but didn’t know which direction to take him after those stories came out. Other RH appearances that came afterwards or around that time are the “Jason Todd as a villain” times. I won’t sugarcoat it just because I love him, but Jason was on the road to being a villain with his own moral compass… which was a roulette wheel.

The Jason Todd today is definitely an anti-hero, and while his villain days are still considered to be somewhat canon, he has had some major character development, and fans such as myself hopes that it will continue.


I have this one saved on my phone, its so beautiful and sad. Such lovely artwork!!

So flippin cute!! Night light, go go, wet wet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: ugh cute jl ftw.

And now this


I actually have a little behind-the-scenes story about this moment from a post Dexter Soy made about it:

The cliffnotes version of it is it all started with a small mistake in Scott Lobdell’s notes. Soy originally saw it as “have Krypto painting” and from there, Soy realized that he wanted to draw it out in a childish looking art style. Lobdell saw it and liked it and BOOM! there came the Bizarro flashback panels being the way they are


Oh nice, thank you. :sunglasses: :+1:

Added those Lost Days to my reading list right next to Under the Red Hood now. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yeah Jason as an anti-hero is kind of the impression I’ve always had… Villain Jason… I guess Titans has taken some cues from those times. :flushed:
At least until I see how the finale shaped up to be. The spin off mentioned earlier in the thread I could see happening if they choose that route for Jason and to add in some more Outlaws as well. :thinking:

Back to reading then. :clark_hv_4: