The Loose Canon Discussion: Justice by Alex Ross

Loose Canon Book Club: Justice: issues 1-12 by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger

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Howdy y’all and welcome to the unofficial, hopefully soon official Loose Canon Book Club! This club will focus primarily on reading and discussing self contained stories in the DC world (with a few exceptions now and then). There are a lot of great Book Clubs as it is and I know it can be challenging to fit them all in to your week. This club is for the busy and the slackers :upside_down_face:. Every installment will give you a minimum of 2 weeks to tackle the story at hand and of course you can jump in whenever you finish.

In Justice, the Villains of the DC world have visions of the end of the world brought about by the Justice League. Being lead by Lex Luthor and Brainiac, they begin the seemingly impossible task of saving humanity from extinction. The members of the Justice League are suspicious to say the least and begin investigating their initiative to save humanity and get to the bottom of the cause of these visions. This story is a must read for any DC fan and even if you don’t get to reading it for this book club, definitely put it on your DCU comic list to read later.

This installment will go from Dec. 1-16.

Lets discus:

Did you like the story, and have you read this story before?

Alex Ross is the best in the business when it comes to his artwork. It can be hard to pick a favorite piece of his work, so I’ll make it a little easier for this one: Which panels were your favorite in this story?

How do you feel about the Villains actions given the circumstances at hand?

Do you think this story would be worthy of a film adaptation?

Thanks for joining in on this unofficial Book Club and happy reading! :superman_hv_3::batman_hv_1::flash_hv_5::gl_hv_1:
Have a great week and our next installment we’ll leap into The New Frontier by the late and great Darwyn Cooke!


I’m up for this – good excuse to finally sit down and read this series I’ve heard such good things about. :slight_smile:

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Hey buddy thats awesome! Hope you enjoy it, its one of my favorites.

rubs hands together excitedly

I loved this mini. I’ll happily re-read it again!

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@Vroom, heck yeah I love this story too. Glad to have you join!

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Answers to the questions:

  1. I love this story, and I have read Justice before. I bought it in single issues as it came out.

  2. This is one of my favorite panels from #1.

    “Superman? Where did you come from?”
    “Krypton, but you know that, Lois.”

These are some of my favorite covers:

I can still remember how this caught my eye when I saw it the day it came out. That green just pulls you in.

Beautiful, just beautiful.

You can feel the crackling energy of this piece. Great stuff.

I think Justice would absolutely be worthy of a movie adaptation, especially in animation. That way the character designs can perfectly capture the artwork of the series.

On a related sidenote, DC Direct (the former name of DC Collectibles) produced a tie-in series of action figures based on the Justice mini-series. Here are some highlights (pics courtesy of eBay):

The Man of Steel.

Earth’s Mightiest Mortal.


Plastic Man.

Batman in his George Barris inspired battle armor.

A box set that came with Justice #1.

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Oh my goodness I did not know about the action figures!!!:exploding_head: :heart_eyes::star_struck:
If they are reasonably priced I am so getting these.
Yes I would love to see this adapted into a movie too. I would love if WB would take a great story like this and put it in live action but I also agree that I would love for it to be animated or any of Ross’s work in animated. It would be a true pleasure to see.
I would really love for DC to give us a animated movie in the Fleischer style animation.

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Justice would be the perfect story/series to base a theatrically released animated movie aimed at older audiences around. Get solid talent behind the camera, spend some coin on the animation, give it a PG-13 rating and WB would likely have a big hit.

The DC Direct Justice League line varies in price on the secondary market. It came out alongside Justice (and after as well), and like many DC Direct figures of yore, some sellers think the things are worth a fortune, so their asking prices accordingly reflect that inaccurate mentality.

If you shop around and have patience, you should be able to get most of the figures you want for fairly reasonable prices. They were made in reasonable quantities and are not in any huge demand right now, so there’s no reason to pay a seller’s absurd asking price.

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Some of my favorite panels from the first 4 issues.

I love his version of Cheetah

Hilarious and Evil

His art is just amazing

Thats a scary Grundy.

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@AquamonC137 Great picks man, just great!

Now imagine that in animation and on a movie theater screen. :drooling_face:

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Seriously that would be amazing! The art is so fantastic that I think having it be animated would be better than live action.

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I bet as pleased audiences left the theaters some would say “Wow, I had no idea animation aimed at adults could be so enthralling!”.

Not only would the fans get a cool movie out of Justice, but it would showcase how wonderful adult animation can, in fact, be to the uninitiated.

Everyone wins!

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@AquamonC137 You might be interested in this. It’s #2 in a set of 5 Walmart exclusive Imaginext Batman figures that just came out.

Here’s a shot of the whole wave (both photos are from eBay):

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Only finished the first issue so far, but I would agree that a movie would be great – though in my mind I think this would work as a good Justice League sequel after they establish them in their own movies more. After all, the movie did end with Luthor saying that he should make a League of his own…


yeah thats funny you say that, thats what my thought was as well about it being a squeal to the JL but after we hash out all the characters. I would love that. @Vroom did kinda sell me on it being animated though I wonder how much Ross would charge and how long it would take for him to draw/paint a movie.

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Oh I do like the Detective Comics and Justice ones, but I think I’m gonna give in and get that 4 fig set of Justice. Its like $80 not too bad for 4 Ross figs.

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@AquamonC137 Ross would do the character designs for an animated Justice movie, he wouldn’t actually do the animation itself. That would be the job of Warner Brothers Animation and whoever they contract the gig to.

$80 is a good deal for the Justice box set. That’s probably right around what the set originally retailed at.

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ah, these things elude me. I was so picturing him in his home studio having to paint frame by frame LOL

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That reminds of the Simpsons episode where Homer plays Poochy.

Homer is talking to the woman who voices Itchy and Scratchy

Homer: “Will this be live?”

The voice of I&S (her name escapes me ATM): “No Homer. Very few cartoons are aired live, it puts a tremendous strain on the animator’s wrists.”

I do like @Jay_Kay’s idea of Justice serving as an eventual sequel to Justice League. That would be perfect.



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