The Lantern Corps

Whatever oath you use, wherever you fall on the the emotional spectrum, you are welcome in The Lantern Corps. Whether you can name all the emotional entities or have no idea what a power ring is, join us as we adventure through the various lantern corps.

Introduce yourself below:
Which color of the spectrum would you put yourself in?
Do you have a favorite character from any of the lantern corps?
What’s your favorite instance of lantern-related movie/comic/game/tv show?
Anything else you want to share about yourself?


Alright, looking forward to getting into more GL stuff. :slight_smile:



My Community Hero badge says I’m Violet, which sounds a lot nicer than Orange, which is where I’d probably put myself realistically.

Well, it seems like kind of the obvious choice, but I have to say Geoff Johns’ run is really good. Though I actually like the Green Lantern Corps book that was running alongside it a little better.


Awesome! Need to get into more GL stuff.

I think I’d be in Blue or Indigo Corps. Those seem to define me good!

I’d say that the recent Green Lantern run that brought together Simon and Jessica got me really invested in the series.

Can’t wait to get started!

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Should probably answer my own questions

I’d probably end up in Blue

General Kreon, fastest construct maker

Blackest Night, hands down

  • Live in Central Timezone
  • Work as a Software Engineer, writing code all day
  • Top 3 games of all time
    • Halo 2
    • Super Smash Brothers
    • Dungeon Defenders

Feel free to message me about anything

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Blue. But sometimes Orange. Very rarely Red.


Hmmm…I liked Rebirth quite a bit. The Sinestro War, too.

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Blue. Something about Hope and it’s ability to nullify rage while also giving will power a boost sits very well with me. My day job involves boosting team members confidence, keeping them on task without creating a stressful envionment, etc…

Tie between Saint Walker and Kyle Rayner. All will be well.

New Guardians - brings in elements of every corp with them being more front and center. Blackest Night close second.

Only started reading comics in 2011 (hey look I can afford books now that I’m an adult :smiley: )

Software Engineering Manager by Day, Father of 2 boys by evening (previewer of comics in that time frame before they get to pick up a book, not all Teen titles are created equal), husband to a wife who tolerates shortboxes taking over a closet. She may have a few titles in there too.

Favorite series characters from Rebirth were the Green Lanterns, Green Arrow, Nightwing (pre Ric), Wonder Woman, and Aquaman.

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New Guardians is a really good run. The first couple issues had me hooked.

I have no idea which corps I would be in. I would love it to be blue because it’s my favorite color and well it’s kinda my choice by default because love is overrated, I’m not a greedy person, I don’t really care to inflict fear, anger, or wish to hurt people, and while I’m told I’m great at giving advice and listening, I’m still honestly a little selfish for indigo. As for green it’s so… basic to me so I’m really turned off by it though that’s what it would probably be cuz I march to the beat of my own drum and pretty much do what I want instead of following orders or what everybody else is doing.


Hmm, I’m not sure which Corps I would be in. I’d say Blue or Indigo. I’d want to be Blue but I think I have more Compassion than Hope.
My favorite character right now is a tie between Kyle Rayner and Saint Walker.
And my favorite instance of Lantern-relatedness, is probably Green Lantern: New Guardians. It was a fun series. Though, I haven’t read much Green Lantern and I am interested in reading more!


I would want blue, but would probably end up with orange.
I like saint walker and larfleeze.
I also like gltas and blackest night.


My name is Penguinfan78,

  1. I would see myself as a member of Blue Lantern, since the Mod gave me a badge for that. And I would agree even if I like the Green Lantern.
  2. My favorite character is Hal Jordan, he was the first Green Lantern I’ve known since Superfriends. I also do like Kyle Ryner, Jon Stewart and Kilowog.
  3. I have the movie blanket and I really love the movie, and I really like the Green Lantern Animated series.
    I look forward to whatever you talk about here in the Lantern Corps club! :smiley:

Easily, I’d be a Red.
I dig Hal, Kyle, Bleez, Jessica Cruz, Larfleeze, Guy, Sinestro and Atrocitus.
This is gonna sound weird, but Hal becoming Paralax and Kyle finding Alex in the fridge. 2 very pivotal moments in GL lore.

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Which color of the spectrum would you put yourself in?
I’d say green. I have quite a bit of willpower and I’m good at controlling my emotions.

Do you have a favorite character from any of the lantern corps?
I don’t remember his name, but my favorite character is the orange lantern. I especially loved him in Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

What’s your favorite instance of lantern-related movie/comic/game/tv show?
Green Lantern: Animated Series

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No love for Dex-Starr?

Seriously though, Guy Gardener in the Red Lantern series is pretty amazing.


I was actually thinking, as I responded, that I like The Big A despite his stupid cat! Haha!


I’ve never read a comic with Green Lantern in the spotlight. I’m looking to learn.


I’m Trystan, I like to think I’d be a green lantern or a violet lantern. Hal Jordan is dad. My “favorite instance” in the past few years was when Hal Jordan whooped Zod’s ass in the comics.


I like when the Lanterns throw down with heavy hitters, like Zod