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:00_flash: :sparkles: :fireworks: Happy Flash Day :fireworks: :sparkles: :00_flash: @JusticeLeagueBookClub, @DC-TV-And-Movie-Club and, of course, Flash fans everywhere!

“Today’s the day!” and what better way to get in the zone for The Flash than by reading comic books that feature The Scarlet Speedster as seen in the movie…along with Michael freakin’ Keaton’s Batman as he makes his triumphant return to the big screen! :partying_face:

Check out these Keatontastic reads before you see The Flash, after you’ve seen it and heck, whenever a case of Keatonmania grips you, for these reads are the cure:

Ultra members-only :point_up:t2:, FYI.

This mini :point_down:t2: takes place before the movie, so make sure you prioritize it on your reading list(s)!

If The Flash is new to you and you’d like to check out some of Barry Allen’s earliest and greatest adventures as The Crimson Comet, feel free to :point_right:t2: check this out :point_left:t2: for a super-sized sampler of Barry’s tenure as The Scarlet Speedster!

Read and comment on what you like from the above and, of course, enjoy The Flash as he rocks the big screen with the Speed Force (surely a Flashpoint to remember in the annals of live-action DC movies :flash_hv_1:)!


I read through the Fastest Man Alive book and I liked it well enough. It was strange – like, it’s credited as a mini-series, but it’s really just a series of one-shots with some very minor threads throughout. I think my favorite of the issues was probably issue #2, partially because of it having my favorite art of the series by Juan Ferreyra, and also because I liked how it showcased all the aspects of Barry as The Flash and enjoyed the story of him learning to vibrate his molecules.


How-do, @Jay_Kay! :wave:t2: :flash_hv_1:


While its not my favorite title to bear “The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive” (that’d be v1, where Bart took over the Flash mantle after Infinite Crisis), the mini was a fun-enough and entertaining read that got me psyched for the movie, while also opening up its world just a tad more, so as to enhance the overall experience of the movie.

I don’t have a favorite issue, but if I were to have one…I suspect #2 would take the cake as well, and for the reasons you highlighted.


Batman Returns was one of the first comics I ever got based on movies, then Disney Aladdin comic, later I finally got the 1989 Batman comic and just love reading it.
In the comic, the Joker’s personality seem a bit different then the movie, my guess is that the writer and artist must’ve had little access to the movie, since it was film in England at Pinewood studio.
The other movie comic match perfectly villains with their personality Perfectly since those movies are filmed at Warner Brothers Studio.
That’s how I see it, I still enjoy all 6 movie comics, counting Mask of The Phantasm & Subzero! :grinning:



Oof- I didn’t see this thread until today.


Movie tie-in comics are a lot of fun, with my favorite DC piece being the Batman Forever adaptation.

Elsewhere in movie-based comics, I enjoyed the adaptations of the Star Wars Trilogy.

I know Marvel adapted them initially, but the versions I had were the Special Edition-branded books from '97 that were put out by Dark Horse. Good reads and then some.

So Prez, is Batman Returns your favorite of this lot?

I’m guessing it is, but hey, maybe you’ll surprise me and say something else. :clark_hv_4:

“Welcome, welcome, welcome!”

Pull up a seat, sit a spell and jaw all you like about the selections at-hand, pard. :cowboy_hat_face:


Nope, it’s actually Batman Forever. For many reason, at the time Batman Forever was a big deal, love the comic, toys, shirts & hats, McDonald’s glass and of course the movie. :smiley:
The videogame was ok, it was ahead of its time.


Dude, you know Batman Forever’s my jam! :raised_hands:t2: It defined summer '95 for me and then some.

Oddly enough though, I didn’t actually own the Batman Forever comic until I got it in the Batman: The Movies trade around 2000 or so.

That said, I flipped through it a lot at B. Dalton during the summer of '95, so I still supported it…“from a certain point of view.”


I want you to know @Vroom, we’ll be full partners in this, look at us, two of a kind!:grin:

Sorry, I had to say that! Love it that we’re both a fan of a same movies as well as some of the other Batman films.:grinning:


“Call my assistant Margaret and she’ll set something up.”


Ah, that isn’t good enough for me, I need the answer now, I think I deserve it.:neutral_face:


"Then I’m sorry Edward, the answer is no.

Mind manipulation, brainwaves…it just raises too many questions."

Turns and walks toward the elevator.

“Thanks, everyone! The factory looks great!”


:slightly_frowning_face:You were suppose to understand…
:angry:I’ll make you understand.

:laughing:We’re good with knowing the movie quotes in a scene, have a great day @Vroom.:smiley:


Could you tell Spice I said “Hi?”, please?

Sugar’s fine and good, but I like a little Spice. :batparrot:

Have a spiffy day Prez and don’t forget to get drive-through. :wink:


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There’s insert your fav beverage here in the refrigerator, along with ample insert your favorite snack here in the cabinet.

Batfleck put it all on his metal AmEx before Barry erased him from the timeline.

Bruce and his food and drink generosity is surely a long way from his Fashionable Male days. He was such a rat then.


We don’t need Batfleck’s pennies, we have Batclooney money now.


Clooney Bat-cash=fully-funded rave at Wayne Manor.


Let’s do this!

:dancer: :dancer: :dancer:



IDK how to dance though, so I’ll kick it on the sidelines as I do the Cabbage Patch…and then mosey over to the bar for unlimited Pitch Black Mountain Dew and jerky while Tiesto thumps the building with good vibrations.

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