:00_flash: Barry Allen as The Flash: Who He Is and How He Came to Be :00_flash:

Flash Fact: :notes: “June is bustin’ out all over!” :notes: @JusticeLeagueBookClub and @DC-TV-And-Movie-Club, and with that burst of joy comes this month’s forthcoming theatrical release of :fireworks: :0_flash: The Flash :0_flash1: :fireworks:! :partying_face:

Whether you’re an experienced Flash fan, someone who doesn’t know Barry Allen from Barry Switzer but would like to (especially because of a certain movie) or you fall somewhere between those two points, the following new reader-friendly sampler is a great batch of highlights for you to experience Barry Allen in all of his Speed Force-fueled, Crimson Comet and Scarlet Speedster glory by:

Barry’s initial toe-dip into his destiny, which began the Silver Age and forever changed comic book history:

Barry’s first adventure in The Flash ongoing series (previously known as Flash Comics and formerly headlined by Barry’s predecessor, Jay Garrick):

Part 1 of The Trial of The Flash! Why is Barry on trial? Read to find out!

Barry makes the ultimate sacrifice for the DC Universe:

Barry returns…or does he?

Barry’s first rebirth:

Part 1 of Flashpoint, a major point of influence on The Flash movie:

Barry’s New 52 beginnings:

DC Universe: Rebirth, a crucial point in Barry’s modern history:

The start of Barry’s second rebirth:

Part 1 of The Button, Barry’s Rebirth-era team-up with Batman:

The above are just a tiny speck of a sliver of Barry Allen’s 67-years-strong, multiverse-spanning adventures as The Flash.

Whether you’re into science-fiction, adventures with heart, high-caliber drama and/or just want a fun read to usher in the Flash movie with, there’s something for everyone in the above reads.

Check out what interests you, comment on what you’ve read and…be sure to chime in with what you’re most interested in seeing in The Flash, in theaters June 16th (I had to do it, sorry/not at all sorry. :flash_hv_5:).

Take care and may you run strong and true, Flash fans!


I’ve got alot of catching up to do, there ought to be a Flash fan club.:grinning:


You don’t need to do it all, because I know its a lot. Its a sampler, so you do you, Mr. President. :saluting_face:

Unless I’m mistaken, I thought there was…right?


Maybe I’m thinking of something Pre-Flashpoint. :flash_hv_1:


That was for the exercise club which is great, I mean the actual comic reading, watch along of Flash TV series as well.:slightly_smiling_face:
I know the Moderators most likely will say no to me, so hopefully they can find someone who is truly a Flash fan that wants to run a Flash club.:grinning:




Oh! That thing I keep reading about in Men’s Health Journal.

I knew I’d heard of it somewhere! :smile:

A Flash club like that certainly could have…wait for it…legs.

You never know, Hoss. It doesn’t hurt to express interest, at least.

As was said in Justice League Unlimited, “Squeaky wheel, my friend. Squeaky wheel.”

Anyhow, chime-in with your thoughts on whatever you read above. Lots of goodies, to be sure! :flash_hv_1:


Right now I’m reading trial of the Flash, looks really interesting.:grinning:



I’m down for a read of that too, as The Trial of The Flash has been on my reading list for at least 15 years, if not longer.


As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I was re-reading the DC Archive copies of The Flash, which starts with those Showcase issues that kicked off the wonderful reboot that Julie Schwartz orchestrated, and which featured excellent art work from Carmine Infantino.

I was looking for something to read for downtime and my local library owned the first two editions, and even though I own Volumes 1-3 digitally, I often like to read physicals, especially to relax in bed. If you’ve ever tried it, trying to relax while holding a tablet isn’t easy and my iPad actually has a heavy Otter Box case as well.

Those two physical collections took me up to Volume II of these Silver Age digitals that I own, and again, even if just for the Infantino art, I highly, highly recommend them. These are also some of the earliest comics of my youth, as I have also written about. I grew up in a small community that had been well established before my parents relocated there right after I was born. The parents were tight knit and the mothers did things like share toys and books, including comic books, in boxes that were passed along to household. I think many of these families never had to buy ‘new NEW’ stuff since there was so much of it, some of which had been collected as mint and new since the 1950s, so of course, we had these and other GA and SA issues as part of casual, every day get mud and wet grass stains on 'em comic books (and the like) that would probably appall some collectors today. I remember a rainy day in our tree fort reading books, and starting on some Mysteries in Space, which as a young kid, I didn’t appreciate so I set them aside and forgot them there, and they got ruined by water. My mother had to hand dry every page in the sun and with a hand-held hair dryer, so everyone else after me who read those comics (and they did get read and for all I know, kids might still be reading some of these books today), they read water damaged and wrinkled books!

But there were probably 20-30 of those early Silver Age Barry issues, so some I read and re-read many times.

Now Flash Rebirth (the TPB, not the 2016 run) I never read until recently. The 2011 New 52 run, OTOH, especially as a reader of the Silver Age book as a kid and as an adult, I found to be a run I truly loved (fantastic art and fabulous layouts, stories not as spectacular, sad to say) because of some of the liberties taken in the reboot that have clearly been done away with by now, but I did read almost up until the first six or seven collected editions. And I would still strongly recommend people reading it for the art and layouts.

Flashpoint was also hugely disappointing, and it (and the entirety of the mess that was New Krypton) were two things that really put me off on both Cereal Lord and modern cross-overs. I just stopped typing and thought about it and I can’t think of any cross-over that actually appealed to me, albeit I found something intriguing versus off-putting, like Supersons of Tomorrow.

This is a long enough contribution for now, but I’ll be happy to chime in if folks want to keep the conversation going. But even though I have a lot of affection for Wally and think DC’s brain trust did poorly by him in the past 10-15 years, up until even Rebirth and post Rebirth, until the current run (which I have not read in any form other than a few skims and quick peaks of a few random issues, so won’t pretend to intelligently comment on - but I trust what I am seeing others say that it brings Wally back to a place of respect). But that all said, Barry is a significant part and yes, key to the DCU. And I’m glad to see it recognized.


I think a Flash fan club would be a great idea!


It’s never not amusing that we have some 270+ responses on the thread offering the McFarlane toys - with almost everyone there name-checking Cereal Lord’s Magnum Opus as THE Flash story they most love, including a fair number of new members to this community, and yet this particular thread has such minimal feedback!


The only physical book I have is the 80 Years of the Fastest Man Alive, and I’m wondering what the best physical copy of a Flash to get and start off with. I’m thinking of starting with the DC Rebirth: The Flash storyline.


Depends on what’s floating your boat as far as what you want in a story, but offhand, I’d go with the first volumes of The Flash by Mark Waid and The Flash by Geoff Johns series.

They’re Wally West-centric of course and, good news for your wallet if you’re an Ultra member, they’re both available in our library right now:

If you want a classic (and then some) adventure where Barry is the star, check this titanic tome out:

Its also available in our library for those who are Ultra-inclined. :+1:t2:

I say check the above books out here as they’re definitive in a variety of ways.

Then, spend your Flash Bucks on goodies (be they comics not yet in digital and/or other stuff) not available in the hallowed halls of DCUI.

That way, you get the Flash best of both worlds: Flash goodies on DCUI and (thanks to the money you’ve saved) non-DCUI Flash goodies.

Barry and the rest would be proud. :flash_hv_1:


I may end up going with the Geoff Johns run and the Rebirth.

After reading the 80 Years book, I need a break from whatever came before the 70s lol


Good call, as Johns’ Flash stuff is choice and then some.

The Flash: Rebirth mini or the Rebirth-era ongoing that just ended today?

As Robin said in Batman Forever, “Why not both?” :flash_hv_1:

A little bit of the Silver Age can go a long way, no doubt.


Rebirth-era ending today


I would like a membership card with a few free visits to the Flash museum. Though to be quite honest, the surest way to cut down on a lot of their problems, that museum needs to be destroyed.


I think the museum may actually be more trouble than it’s worth! :laughing:


Exactly! Flash stories are always like… “It started with a visit to the Flash museum…”


“It started with a visit to the Flash Museum and ended in…disaster!”

Insert dramatic music from old-timey '30s and '40s radio shows here.

Breath easy though citizens, for The Flash’ll save the day because :notes: “Flash! Ah-ah! He’s a miracle!” :notes:


I would like to buy this soundtrack please.