The Booster Gold Appreciation Thread

Energize and sound off on Michael Jon Carter, aka “The Greatest Hero The World Has Never Known”!

What’s your favorite comic title to feature Booster? I’m partial to his original ongoing, Extreme Justice and Geoff Johns’ run on his most recent ongoing.

Are you new to Booster Gold? You’ve found the right spot to learn about recommended material of his. He’s an awesomely fun dude!

Skeets says: “Now you go.”


The 52 series was one of his major turning points into the greatest hero never known. Also his own title series.

I thought his relationship with time travelers was cool and unique.


Aye, 52 is supreme in its quality. I haven’t read that since it finished in 2008.

adds 52 to his Booster Gold beach reading list


Hey Green Lantern can I have your autograph?
I’m not the Green Lantern, if I was Green Lantern I would’ve been wearing green!

I really like that part where Booster Gold gets frustrated when a fan thinks he’s a Green Lantern! :laughing: They should’ve made more episodes of Booster Gold, along with Stargirl.


HUGE Booster Gold fan over here. I first saw him in the JLI comics and the loose leaf Who’s Who I had growing up. Years later when I got back into comics, I was picking up JLI back issues like there was no tomorrow and found Booster and Beetle to be my favorites. His episode of JLU is one of my all time favorites. I started buying the post-52 series by Geoff Johns when it first came out and then I got the Showcase edition of his original series.

He’s appeared here and there since the New 52 and Rebirth, but I’m glad the character still exists and is still out there.


I loved him on Justice League Action, and while I have a distaste for grimdark in general, I loved what Tom King did with him in Batman. I think it really added dimension to him.


Well can’t ignore his run in Justice League/Justice League International/Justice League America which is where I became a fan of the character. But I also love his 2007 series.


Yeah for sure Booster Gold in Justice League International is the sweet spot for us older coots.

I greatly enjoyed his whatever it was 50 issue run that was just before Flashpoint and ran into Flashpoint… there was some need fun time travel stuff there…

and he wasn’t portrayed as he is now you know where we keep seeing him like he had a lobotomy or something which drives me crazy.

Boostet Gold is a lot more interesting as criminal turned hero.

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Wow Justice League International from the 80s has not been digitized at all …it’s not on Comixology either yikes, that’s a classic for Booster Gold!!!

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… or is it because the material has become horribly dated and is no longer politically correct for DC to even digitize my my my… I have fond memories of this particular episode where geniuses Booster Gold and Blue Beetle decide to start their own Tropical Island Hotel using the JLI brand, just absolutely hilarious …but I can see where it might offend the sensitivities of some groups these days.

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Hurray, more Booster fans! Ya’ll have great taste =)

@Don-El JLI is available in digital in its entirety. Search for “Justice League of America (1987-1996)” on Comixology. I think all of the trades are present too.

Speaking of JLI and it being a Booster starring title, the world needs some General Glory toys.


Thanks @Vroom!

Yikes, there is a large gap for Justice League International / Booster Gold and Blue Beetle fun: issues 23 to 69 aren’t here. Let me go see if they are on Comixology and due to arrive soon…plus almost none of Justice League Europe, which is basically the same cast of silliness…in Europe…

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Many many more issues in comixology for 1986 Justice League (Intl)…still with gaps… strangely this island paradise hilarity is not there but there was this!

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This coming week they’re adding lots of JLI. The list is in the Watchtower board.

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Love Booster Gold and Skeets! We need an ongoing Booster series right now so some fun can return to the current “dark” DC universe.

@baseballmaniac I agree on the need for a new Booster ongoing. Heck, lll take him in a team title too.

Speaking of which, I quite enjoyed him in the New 52 volume of JLI. That was a very fun series.

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I bought Booster Gold #1 off of a spinner rack back in 1985… so Booster and I go back a bit. In the early issues of Booster’s original series, I still remember that the “center” of his star emblem was originally colored yellow/gold, not blue, and that he occasionally wore a cape.

Without a doubt 52.

@Outside2Infinity I’m curious what pin DC gave out with that book.

Also, I love Booster’s various uniforms. Classic, collar, no collar, clunky armor, JLU, New 52, Future’s End, whatever. The dude is stylin’!