The Blue Beetle Movie Official Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

Blue Beetle hits the big screen in one week, and the hype is real!

Jaime Reyes and his family are days away from gracing us with their larger-than-life presence, and we couldn’t be more excited! From London, to Puerto Rico, and beyond, Blue Beetle screenings have fans clamoring for our newest insectoid hero on DC movie debut.

Missed the last Blue Beetle trailer? We got you covered:

Are you excited to see the Reyes family on the big screen? We want to know! Check out Blue Beetle in theaters on August 18, and come right back to this thread to let us know what you thought! Te veo pronto!


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Can’t Wait!!!


Looking forward to it.


Going to see a 1pm matinee on Thursday, August 17th in IMAX! Have avoided spoilers and trailers (other than the one I saw before seeing The Flash) so going in as blind as possible. Can’t wait!


I have read some very positive early reviews, although our local first run movie theater closed down years ago. Not because of Covid, but streaming was by that time taking a big chunk of its revenue, so they had to shut down. I saw the first Christopher Reeve Superman movie there when I was a kid.


I’ve been a fan of Jaime Reyes since Day One in late 2005 and I am very excited to see him and his family on the big screen.

Is it the 18th yet?


Can it be…please?


Okay, then. I know how to pass the time just right, until the 18th arrives.

Noodles about with his McFarlane Toys and Spin Master Blue Beetle figures while re-reading Infinite Crisis #s 3 and 5, along with Blue Beetle (2006) #1 and the remaining issues of Blue Beetle: Graduation Day he needs to finish the series by as he counts down the seconds until the 18th.


From the McFarlane Toys YouTube channel, Blue Beetle himself presents a brief look at McFarlane’s movie-themed goodies you can spend your bread on before and/or after you see the movie:


I’m looking forward to this, but I just wish that at least Ultra members had better access to these early screenings. Feels like the perfect opportunity to fulfill the promise of member-exclusive events that was mentioned in the subscription details, but instead we’re still left wondering what those will end up being


They will be something so wonderful that if we were told then we would go mad with impatience.



I’m confident that whatever comes our way for eventual fan events and the like will be the worth the wait, however.

That said, Ultra access to advance screenings of Superman: Legacy would be pretty darn swell. :superman_hv_4:

Back to Blue Beetle

I got a chance to see the movie early, thanks to a friend in management that works at the theater chain I used to work for years ago.

They invited me to their theater’s pre-release screening for management level and up employees (who were allowed a +1 guest, which is where I fit in), so how could I say anything but “I’m on my way!”?

I’ll share my thoughts later in the week (yes, I know this is a spoiler thread, but even so, I’m the patient type, so I’ll wait until the movie is officially out and more people have seen it), but if I were to sum up my thoughts via emoji, they would be as follows: :blue_heart:


My dad got tickets for Thursday!!! Yayayayay!!!


I was actually lucky enough to snag a pass to an early screening tonight! Another great entry with plenty of humor and emotion throughout. Action scenes were fantastic and Xolo Maridueña absolutely killed it as Jaime, I’m really hoping he’ll stick around the new DCU. It was certainly a bit formulaic and cliche at times, but the good stuff definitely made up for that much. And as an added bonus, we even got some free swag after the movie!


Yeeeees! Let us know how it goes!


I’m so glad you liked it! Sounds like I’ll have a good time too


That is so cool! I cannot wait to see it. The free swag is awesome!


That’s awesome I am super jealous!


Found some Blue Beetle T-shirts at work. They are not easy to find, but at least it is some promotion.


Cool beans! Let us know how it goes. I’m especially excited to hear that you’re going with your dad … Jaime’s a family man!


Nice! I hope you and your dad enjoy it, as its a good 'un!


Father and son outings to new DC movies are always a treat, as my dad’s been my go-to companion for every DC movie I’ve seen in-theater since Batman Returns in '92, and he’ll definitely be accompanying me on my second go-round with BB this Friday.


Still cautiously optimistic about this movie. Shazam 2 was decent, definitely had it’s moments. But was still significantly lacking. I didn’t see The Flash for personal reasons, but based on what I heard, it turned out exactly how I thought which is dissapointing. And I doubt Aquaman 2 will be a smooth release.

So realistically, Blue Beetle has the potential to be the best DC movie for this year. Fingers crossed!