The Blue Beetle Movie Official Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

Myself: The Doom that Came to Gotham?

??? Water is smooth.


I think it looks really good. I feel like it will not disappoint.


Sounds like they made a good one!


I’m always cautious regarding the release of early reviews because they are generally meant to build hype regardless of the actual quality. Plus, I really only closely follow 5 movie reviewers


The review sounds promising, I think we are in for a treat.


Oh, we are. In fact, “That was a treat.” was my first reaction as the credits began.

“Moving on.”

Spotify users, be sure to check this official playlist from DC out:


It features a cross-section of music from a wide variety of DC movies and TV shows, with composer Bobby Krlic’s Blue Beetle Suite leading the charge on behalf of our Azure Avenger and his cinematic debut.

Listen now, because your ears will thank you later.


I saw the movie and I LOVED IT!!! It was so genuine, heartwarming but also heartbreaking, and the superhero stuff was so badass!!! We better see the Reyes family in the DCU, Jenny included!!


I didn’t see this thread until now. Here’s what I posted in the trailer thread earlier today:

I saw this last night. For a Thursday night showing there were a decent amount of people in the theater.

I liked the movie a lot actually. I won’t go into to it too much, but I think they did a lot of things right with this one. The rest of the audience seemed to enjoy it as well.


Just got out of an IMAX showing and…I didn’t like it. Just wasn’t my cup of tea. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t good. Only my opinion and clearly I’m in the minority.

The special effects, the costumes and the action were all good. I’m glad Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle will continue in what James Gunn and Peter Safran are building.

Hope it does well this weekend and I did really like the credits scene. Now that’s how you do a credit scene!


After seeing the movie, I think that this movie…is OK. Not great, not awful, just simply OK. I will go into a little more detail, while also not going too much since this is still opening weekend:

-The special effects are probably what you can expect. You can tell whenever it is CGI or when they are using a green screen for scenery. I do like how the Beetle costume itself looks. And I will admit, watching a giant robot Beetle crawl around an island fortress is pretty damn cool. But this is still another example of how dependent superhero movies have become on digital effects and how the VFX industry, in general, is being pushed to the absolute limits. This isn’t something I really blame this specific movie for, but it is noticeable.

-Xolo Maridueña is pretty good as Jaime. I also really enjoy him from the show Cobra Kai, and this is a similar character so I knew he wouldn’t have any trouble portraying him. I do appreciate his connection to his family and how they know everything as soon as crap hits the fan. I went in expecting to be annoyed by George Lopez, but he does have a somewhat balanced portrayal of his character. The actress who plays Jenny Kord is also good, she and Xolo probably have the best performances. Susan Sarandon is fine, I’m sure she was having fun hamming it up as the big-picture villain. Then we have this character named Ignacio who is the villain Jaime actually fights. For a long time, he’s really just the tough-looking top henchman with similar powers to the hero. They do try something right at the end to make him a bit more sympathetic. While I appreciate what they were trying to do, the execution is really lacking.

-And now the writing. Let me put it like this…if this movie came out in the mid-2000s, it would for sure be a big hit. But it is still too much of a standard plot. This movie vaguely alludes to socio-economic problems in Palmera City, and vaguely touches and mentions deeper issues but it is ultimately glossed over so we can focus on the same tropes and action we’ve seen in any other dime-a-dozen superhero movie. It’s the same problem I have with the Black Adam movie - it thinks doing minor tweaks and throwing in a handful of dialogue referencing bigger issues is enough for it to stand out. But if the story itself still follows the same formula, then nothing has changed. My suggestion is to take out everything to do with the OMAC stuff, don’t have Victoria Kord be so quick and eager to show off her evil side. Have the story be about Victoria still studying the Scarab in an attempt to use the findings for the company’s benefit but then falls into Jaime’s hands. You still have him discovering his powers out in public, but in the process have him stop some crimes where he is quickly recognized as a new hero representing his community. Jaime’s family is still in the loop for everything but now when Jaime and Victoria actually meet face-to-face (which doesn’t actually happen often in the movie as is) their confrontations and arguments actually dig into the issues of legacy and what the aftermath of a person’s actions can have on others. There doesn’t need to be a big CGI action scene to stop a super large threat. It can just be about a character’s journey trying to figure out what kind of path they want to choose for themself. The movie, as it currently is, just comes off as another superhero movie. Not a terrible one by any means. But still disappointing in several respects.


Just got out of Blue Beetle and I enjoyed it. It is definitely DC’s best theatrical showing this year. It has alot of heart and it was a fun CBM/family film!

 I hope people show-up to support it because I need a Blue Beetle Trilogy dag nab it!

And personally I enjoyed the 90’s/early 00’s vibe it has.


I just saw it right now at the drive in. Great movie. It’s got a lot of heart and the action scenes were amazing. It’s one of the best DC movies I seen yet!

Don’t want to go into spoilers, certainly not. But I just wanna say they made both iterations of Blue Beetle cool.


The drive-in!?!? What year are you living in? What Earth are you on?!? :laughing:


What’s CBM?


Comic book movie.


You saw it at a drive-in?! That’s so fun!


Oh! Thanks @MatthewHecht!


You’re Welcome.


Having now seen the movie twice, I can say that I really enjoyed it and it lived up to my expectations.

Some of my favorite things as they come to me:

:large_blue_circle: Victoria Kord

Sarandon made her such an icy witch and so easy to loathe the more we saw of her. I enjoy female villains as much as I do female heroes, so it was nice to see a movie where a woman took control of the narrative.

:large_blue_circle: OMAC

Prior to seeing the movie, I had no idea one of my favorite Jack Kirby-created concepts would feature in the tale.

As soon as I saw OMAC come up on a screen during the opening credits, I thought “OMAC, huh? Cool!”. The more we got of this new interpretation of a classic concept, the happier this Kirby geek became.

:large_blue_circle: Palmera City

The on-screen debut of Palmera City may mark the fastest comics to outside media turnaround of a prominent (well, somewhat prominent, at least at this point in time) Earth-based locale in the DCU.

I enjoyed its Miami-esque vibes, plus…the LexCorp building made for a nifty Easter egg, too.

:large_blue_circle: The history of Blue Beetle

While the trailers implied that Jaime wasn’t going to be the first Beetle, it wasn’t yet known how in-depth the movie would go into the overall history of the character prior to Jaime’s entrance into the saga.

I was pleased to see Messrs. Garrett and Kord get ample mention, and I hope folks new to the Blue Beetle property because of the movie will invest some time in reading their Blue Beetle adventures, because they’re quite fun.

:large_blue_circle: Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

One of my favorite Selena songs since my teens, I’m always happy when I hear it in a movie or TV show. I also enjoyed Rudy’s admiration of it.

:large_blue_circle: Jaime’s family

They were absolutely wonderful and then some. As with any good acting performance, you forgot you were watching actors and instead felt you were watching real characters.

I don’t know if I can pick a stand-out from the bunch, though.

Just when I think I’ve found one, someone else comes to mind and makes me think “Okay, they’re my favorite.” and just as soon as I think that’s true, my choice changes once again.

Rudy was an obvious highlight and he seems to have an…interesting background. If a sequel materializes, I hope we can learn more of his background.

That said, Nana stole the show at certain points, including when we see her ass-kicking side.

Also, Jaime’s sister was a lot of fun and I also really enjoyed his parents.

Gah! See, I can’t pick just one favorite! :smile: The whole Reyes family kicks ass, so there, they’re all my favorites equally. Problem of picking a favorite solved! :laughing:

:large_blue_circle: The Scarab, the suit and its abilities

The execution of the Scarab, the suit and what it can do was flawless and I loved every minute of it. If we get a sequel, I hope the Scarab and its origins are expanded upon, as we definitely need to bring The Reach into the tale.

:large_blue_circle: Jaime Reyes

The star of the show. Blue Beetle’s nothing without a great personality behind it and Jaime hit the ground running, as he was fun, likeable, empathetic and an all-around genuinely good guy that anyone would be proud to know and have as family or a friend.

As a fan of Jaime’s since Day One in late '05, his initial big screen appearance is exactly how I’ve always hoped he would be in a movie and I look forward to more adventures with Mr. Reyes and his alien alter-ego.

This isn’t a major highlight, but something else that caught my four eyes was how the Kord soldiers (their head gear in particular) bore a slight resemblance to the Knights from Checkmate volume one as seen below:

Did anyone else catch that? I can’t have been the only one.

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie, especially during my second go-around.

Now, I’m off to indulge in shameless consumerism as I listen to the Blue Beetle soundtrack while I read Blue Beetle comics (the New 52 volume and Graduation Day in-particular) and in-between reads, noodle around with official Blue Beetle toys from the likes of McFarlane Toys and Spin Master.

SN: If there had been a Blue Beetle cereal, I would’ve started out today with a bowl of it.

SN II: If there had been a fast food-based tie-in for the movie, you can bet that the joint where the tie-in would have been based is where I would have headed for lunch today and in the next few days ahead.

Finally, if you have a problem with people enjoying tie-in products and promotions relating to a really cool movie, I (like everyone else that enjoys fun things) don’t care. I enjoy having fun, so I’m going to do just that.


I just got out from seeing the movie. I really liked it. It had something I haven’t seen a long time, heart. The family was great. Jaime was good. Jenny Kord and the girl who played her, was great. All in all, I’m excited to see what’s next.

Makes me want to delve more into the Blue Beetle