The 2nd Teen Titans Hunger Games

The original: Teen Titans Hunger Games

So. Let me explain how this is gonna work. We (@Nightroia, and @Alias) are writing it. Therefore this whole thing will be interactive! If you have a sponsorship idea, DM me, and the first one that gets to me will get their sponsorship be in the second day! (With credit)

If you don’t know what a sponsorship is: A sponsorship is a tool of survival (it can be food or water) given to a competitor by a viewer. If a character needs a specific item at a specific time, you can make the difference between their life or death.

only one sponsorship per person

Your contestants:
Jaime/ blue beetle
Connor Hawke
Aqua girl/Tula
Jenny Hex
Cassandra Cain
Iris West (speedster)

Stay tuned, there is a second poll at the end, for the characters who didn’t fit.

Who do you think will win?

  • Roy
  • Garth
  • Virgil
  • Jaime/ blue beetle
  • Zan
  • Damian
  • Cyborg
  • Jon
  • Connor Hawke
  • Donna
  • Courtney
  • M’Gann
  • Starfire
  • Jenny Hex
  • Jayna
  • Bumblebee
  • Cassandra Cain
  • Kara
  • Rocket
  • Iris West (speedster)

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  • Dick
  • Wally

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“The Bloodbath”:

Dick, Damian, Cassandra, Roy, Connor, Duke, Jenny, Tula, Bumblebee, Courtney, and Garth all run to the Cornucopia.

Zan, Virgil, Wally, Jaime, Cyborg, Jon, Donna, M’Gann, Starfire, Jayna, Rocket, Kara, and Iris all run away.

Damian throws a knife into Tula’s chest when she grabs the sword he wanted.

Garth kills Duke with a trident as he is running away because Damian killed Tula.

Dick, Damian, and Cassandra escape with an assortment of items.

Roy and Connor grab a bow and run into the forest.

Jenny escapes with a canteen and a knife.

Garth sits in the Cornucopia.

Courtney gets out with a canteen and a backpack of items.

Day 1:

Garth guards the Cornucopia and grieves.

Kara becomes thirsty and decides to look for a water source.

Jenny sees a girl and attacks but quickly realizes it’s Kara and flees. Kara doesn’t pursue her.

Dick and Cassandra go hunting, while Damian guards their camp.

Wally and Iris crash into each other and decide to team up.

Virgil sets up camp alone.

Zan and Jayna set up camp.

Jon catches a squirrel, and cooks it with his heat vision.

Donna comes across Courtney, who is looking through her bag. They decide to team up.

M’Gann flies up into a tree for a nap.

Starfire sets up camp alone.

Bumble bee sets up camp alone.

Rocket sits by a river wondering if there is a way to escape.

Night 1:

M’Gann remains in the tree.

Cass, Dick, and Damian sleep in shifts.

Jenny begins to shiver.

Jaime is restless and goes for a walk.

Wally and iris run around and survey the arena.

Roy and Conner sleep.

Garth sleeps in the cornucopia.

Virgil plans a raid on the cornucopia with his new found Ally: Bumblebee.

Courtney sleeps in a tree.

Kara cooks the squirrel she caught with her heat vision.

Rocket sits by a tree and decides not to sleep.

Jayna and Zan sleep at the edge of the arena.

Cyborg stays up.

Donna and Courtney wander.

Starfire sleeps in a clearing.

Jon is restless, and begins to fly around.

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What about Hal Jordan aka Air Wave?

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If you are asking if he is in the games, he is not.

Too bad I vote Courtney then

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