Thank You For Everything, Moderator BestBeastBoy!

If there’s something we’ve come to realize, y’all notice the moderators and their hard work! Which means you notice when we depart, even if it’s for amazing things. That’s not something we mods are used to.

And that is why this time, we are sharing with you the sad (but also good?) news that our very own @BestBeastBoy will be leaving DC Universe as a moderator, but he will always remain in our hearts!

BBB always brings the party, and knows how to liven up a room! He’s brought us a long list of toe-to-toe battles with #who-would-win, and has worked with full head and heart to uphold the wonderful community we have here.

Please join me in thanking BestBeastBoy, and congratulating him on the amazing promotion he’s accepted! :hugs::heart::tiger2::snake:


@Applejack making me tear up over here. :sob: :joy:

This has been one of the most singularly unique communities I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of, and I’ve been a part of quite a few!

No other community I’ve been in is this tight knit but simultaneously open and welcoming. No other community has the passionate debates and intellectual discourse while remaining (for the most part :joy:) respectful.

You - yeah you, reading this - are an intrinsic part of why this place is so awesome. Whether you’ve been here from the beginning or are just starting out, if you’re talkative or a lurker, you make this place special.

I’ve come to recognize names around here, and I’ll miss y’all. Working with you folks, keeping up with what’s going on in your lives and sharing our love for this brand has been one of the best experiences ever. We all love DC and comics and the glorious history they have, and I know you all will continue to celebrate them.

So continue the party, friends! :partying_face: BeastBoy out! :sunglasses:




:sob: :sob: :sob:

It has been an absolute pleasure having you around these forums, spicing it up with your nail-biting Who Would Win battles! And I still have all of the recipes you shared with us in Munchie Mondays. :yum:

I wish you the absolute best in all of your future endeavors and know that you’ll rock wherever you shall roam.

You’re going to be tremendously missed around here!

:green_heart: :green_heart:


@BestBeastBoy Thanks for everything you’ve done around here! Have fun in your new position. You’ll definitely be missed!


I see this not as a departure but as someone making a positive stride for their own life, so congratulations :clap: to you @BestBeastBoy. I wish you all the luck in your new position and you will be missed around these parts.


Congratulations @BestBeastBoy! I’ll miss seeing you around the topics! I hope you stop by from time to time as a community member. Best wishes!


Congratulations, @BestBeastBoy! It’s been a pleasure having you around, and may Rao shine brightly upon your next endeavor!

“Good journey!” :wave:t2:


Congratulations @BestBeastBoy! I’m sure you’ll do great at your new job. Thanks for all your help here on DCU.


So long @BestBeastBoy. You were truly the best Beast Boy. Thank for always being an awesome™ party animal and mod. Good luck to wherever you go next. Enjoy and keep on partying​:metal::tada:


Awww, man! @BestBeastBoy , I’m so sorry to hear you’re leaving us, but you deserve great things, so I’m wishing you the very best with the promotion! I’ll always think of you as a hero for coming to my aid with the club during my health crisis, and your who-would-win and kitchen challenges were some of my favorite highlights of the community. Whoever is getting ya next is VERY lucky to have you.

Congratulations, take care, and visit us every now and then! :shamrock:


Congrats, nothing but best wishes


Best wishes in all your current and future endeavors @BestBeastBoy. Don’t be a stranger though and drop us a line when you get the chance.


Congrats on the new job bud! We’ll miss ya!


We’re going to miss you BBB, but congrats on your new position! So happy for you! :orange_heart:


I’m sorry for not seeing this sooner! Bye @BestBeastBoy, thankyou so much for all your hard work as a Moderator, thankyou for your recipe thread and who would win post.
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May God bless you on your new career and Thankyou so much for everything, DC won’t be a same without you.:cry:


Thank you for being awesome BBB and good luck with your new thing.

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Best of luck with the new gig, mate. You’ll be missed. Feel free to drop in anytime just to say hi. The forums are open to all.

Best regards


Keep riding the lightning @BestBeastBoy! And good luck!


You’re one of the good ones, @BestBeastBoy! Happy trails!


I wish you nothing but the best in whatever you do going forward, @BestBeastBoy. You were always kind, even when I made your job interesting. :joy: