Tell Us: What Was the Seminal Moment for DC In 2018?

As we approach the final days of the year 2018, we find ourselves reflecting on what’s important- the most impactful moments in DC! We’ve seen a lot of really important storylines (Dark Knights Metal, for example), reimagining (Aquaman, the Animated Death of Superman), events (The CW DC Crossover) and landscape shifts (the launch of DC Universe, someone might say).

We want to know: What were YOUR landmark DC moments of 2018?

What punched you in the feels?
What filled your eyes with artistic wonder?
What “Oh snap!” moments happened in your favorite CW TV show?
Did you make a classic discovery in 2018 that’s been in the world, waiting for you?

Don’t feel limited to our suggestions; tell us what 2018 DC meant to YOU!


DC Universe streaming service is the biggest and best moment for DC in 2018


DC Universe launching and the live action Aquaman are the biggest moments for DC in 2018


Season 4 of Gotham ended in May, I watched it every week without fail and I’m sad to see it end but grateful that we’ll have one final season next year.


Some of my favorite/notable DC moments and such from 2018 (in random order):

-It’s the year I went digital and no longer felt a comic store was essential to my fan experience (I still pop into 'em once in a while)
-New eras began for the Superman, Justice League and Titans franchises
-The New Age of Heroes line debuted
-my favorite Superman story got a new animated adaptation
-I was able to buy Superman: The Movie in 4K and also see it on the big screen for it’s 40th anniversary
-Aquaman received his long overdue live action, solo big screen debut and the wait was absolutely worth it

…and to save the best for last, the debut of DC Universe! The collections of streaming media and comics are wonderful and as a big DC nerd, it’s wonderful to have a one stop shop where I can nerd it out with my fellow DC fans. It’s an outlet for me to practice my writing in and the people in the community are wonderful and a joy to interact with.

2018 was a banner year for DC across many platforms and I’m sure 2019 will be even bigger. I heartily thank DC, WB and DC Universe for a great year. Thanks =)


DC Universe launching changed my life. I got to meet so many new people and work on something I love. To all you guys in the Community and to Applejack and all my fellow mods. I love you all! <3

I did enjoy Nightwing getting shot in the head this year though :slight_smile:


-The Arrowverse crossover event
-The two Hawk and Dove episodes of Titans show


DC Universe expanded the DC Experience for me. Before that, I would read my comics I bought each week. I stopped even watching the CW.

Now I see DC Universe as giving us the Past, Present and Future of DC.

My New Year’s resolution is to Write shorter replies. I am starting to think of myself as The Killer of Threads. Nobody replies after I comment. Too much information I give


Hearing Young Justice was coming back on.


the open letter from the head of Warner Brothers committing the company to representation, inclusion, and diversity was particularly heartening

street-level moment for me, G. Willow Wilson taking a turn writing Wonder Woman


The Reveal of Crisis on Infinite Earths for next years crossover.



I’m with you on the two Hawk and Dove episodes of Titans. They were incredible and blew me away.


Tom King’s current run on Batman. It is sublime.


For me it was this site. I’ve never seen Facebook, Twitter etc. I don’t do any social media. Not that I couldn’t, I just couldn’t see the point in it. When I heard DC was releasing new shows & new seasons of old shows I knew the day I read about it I was getting it. Since I’ve been on here I finally “can” see the reason people do social media. I’m still not ever going to join Facebook etc., but it’s awesome having a place I can talk DC all day long & not have everybody looking at me like shut up already. Plus the feedback & sharing of info is priceless. I can’t tell u how many comics I’ve read on here that I would’ve never considered if it wasn’t for someone or here suggesting it, but it’s a lot. Thank u DCU & the Mods & the community on here for giving me a place to talk all things DC all day.


For me it was:

-Robin beating the crap out of those thugs in the alley on Titans.

-The DC nation animated shorts on DC Universe. Especially Wonder Woman.

-Reading White Knight for the first time. It’s one of the greatest Batman comics of all time!

-I found the hidden gem Batman/Houdini at a local comicshop.

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Personally, I feel it was the return of Bart Allen. I’ve been loving Flash and I’m ready for Young Justice to come back strong in 2019.

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Also one of my posts was quoted in a DC Universe article about the death of Jason Todd.

“Jason Todd’s own mother turned him over to the Joker to be crowbarred. I think we should respect her wishes.”

Lol. Yes we should.

takes a bow


For me it had to be the Arrowverse shows, Im 45 and been waiting for live action iconic superheros that I grew up on. Totally Awesome for me


Justice League no Justice!!!

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That trailer for the Season Finale of Titans Season 1

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