Target exclusive Mego DC figures

Has anyone picked up the Target exclusive DC figures by Mego? I have Poison Ivy, Green Lantern, Superman and The Flash.

Prior to these, I’d never owned any of the vintage Mego DC product (be it 8" figures, Pocket Super Heroes, etc) and while I was interested in some of their stuff, I didn’t think it was worth the high expense. These new figures are an affordable way to finally have authentic Mego DC figures.

Is anyone else into this line?


Was going to but The Joker when I saw him at target but the box was too damaged

I usually open my figures, be they old or new, but these new Megos do have a neat charm in the box. Mine are all boxed so far.

Does Joker come with his jacket? The two I saw didn’t have it. I wasn’t sure if that was a factory error or not. The box art showed him with it on, but the box art typically hasn’t matched the appearance of the figure.

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@Vroom He does not come with a jacket. on there’s a special of Buy 2 Get 1 Free on Megos.

I got the Green Lantern.

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@BatmmmMango, it’s the two for one again? That’s cool. I was at Target a couple days ago and thought the tag was Buy One, Get One. Is it two for one online only? Maybe I just read the tag wrong.

I wish these would be better merchandised. They get shoved into the bottom shelf where there’s not enough room to pull them out and put them back without the top of the box being severely pushed against the underside of the shelf above it.

To paraphrase Nicholson’s Joker: “Target’s toy layout needs an enema!” blows noisemaker

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@Vroom buy 2 megos and get a third free. I believe it is an online only sale. I also hate that they are on the bottom shelves at my target as well.

@RandallusPrime, what do you think of the GL fig?

The Target Mego Joker does not come with a jacket, but Dr. Mego has made one that fits the figure and it looks great!!
I think he’s selling them on his website now.

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I want the Joker, Harley, Ivy and Batman for my son’s birthday I think. They’re pretty cool looking

I would love to buy one of the new Mego Batman figures, but…that neck. Yikes!



Dcg, I saw Ivy and Joker at two Targets last night, so hopefully they’re popping up around you too.

Found Luthor last night among several Flashes, Ivys, Zods and Jokers. Funny how the box art shows him in his battle armor.

Had a lot of the vintage Megos when I was a kid, so I was all in when I saw these. I have all 12 figures so far. There is a resized Batman replacement head for the classic Black Batman figure you can get form Dr. Mego as there was a miscommunication at the factory in the first wave and they added a neck to both the torso and the head resulting int he oversized neck issue, The replacement head corrects that and the issue was addressed before the Blue Batman was produced. The Joker jacket was not included because it would have caused the Joker figure to need to be priced higher than the rest to include it because of production costs. As someone else posted above, you can purchase a Joker Jacket from Dr. Mego (aka Paul Clarke one of the people behind the Mego revival at his website.

There is a fourth ave coming around March (not sure who is included yet, but there is a prototype Black Manta photo floating around so both he and Aquaman are coming), however, they will no longer be Target exclusives moving forward.

I saw the new blue and gray Batman last night and his neck looked much better. I was tempted to buy him but held off. That’s neat that Aquaman and Black Manta are on the way.

Is it yet known who else will be selling Mego figures if they’re no longer Target exclusives? I hope it’s Amazon.

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New wave of Megos won’t be out until March, so I would look to Toy Fair in Feb for announcements of what figures and possibly who the retail partners are. Target will still carry them, and there will be some Target exclusives (there is an 8 inch Joe Namath form the Legends line that will be a Target exclusive for example), they just won’t be exclusive to Target moving forward.


That’s what I meant. I figured rimshot Target would still have them, just hoped for a big outlet that would also get them like Amazon. I’d be very surprised if Walmart carries them.

Walmart has been moving towards carrying more collectibles and expanding their toy department in the wake of Toys R Us going out of business, so I wouldn’t be that surprised if Walmart carried them. Nothing has been announced other than that they will be available in Canada moving forward and not Target exclusive, so it is really just wait and see right now.


I sure wish Walmart would start showing more evidence of increasing their toy and collectible sections. I’ve seen 0% change in the stores I go to.