Swamp thing cancelled?

Swamp thing cancelled!!? Please say it is not so!! Anyone have news on this ???

Yes it is they announced it today…I think we should get a type of refund every time they cancel a content


Wtf? After the 1st episode?

I just heard about this. Why is this happening?

I loved the pilot. I think this is a huge mistake.

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This was one of the only reasons I subscribed to DCU it’s becoming obvious this won’t be the platform for me anymore I can get everything they have released off other services and now they cancel Swamp Thing after one episode? They really need to get their crap together

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Yup, I canceled HBO in protest today.

(Copy/pasting to save my delicate fingies.)

Update can be found in Watchtower here:

If you have any more questions please follow up there, in the interest of maintaining a single source of truth for reference. Thank you!

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Smh, Swamp Thing Never Had A Chance. We’ve seen Batman and Superman in so many Animes, Animations, Cartoons, Short Films and Movies, but we can’t seem to get any other Heroes to stay around. I remember watching the original live Swamp Thing, it was so amazing to me. I remember feeling sorry for old Swamp, hoping this with be the episode he gets his body back to normal. I young then, but I really thought this show would be a hit. What happen to just making the Showing and the Movies their own Comics to draw in more Fans. It went from that simple Idea, to What the Fans want to see, to whatever we can squeeze into the Budget, to its too much, let’s just Cancel it and start over. Stop starting, I used to Love Batman and Superman, now I hate both Characters, cause it’s so many different versions of them. Shows get cancel so quick these days you, sometime you don’t even know they aired. Let the Fans Cancel the Shows. Give Swamp Thing a chance, let us decide if it’s worth keeping or not.