Support for Whitney Moore

Hey All, Whitney Moore is in the news right now for some pretty disturbing reasons and I wanted to take this opportunity to offer support and love in the face of a pretty challenging time and admission.

Let’s make and keep this thread a positive and supporting thread without getting into details that could be triggering.

I appreciate Whitney’s bravery in coming forward and professionally I appreciate what she brings to this service




I really admire her for coming forward! I can’t imagine how much guts it takes.


It is incredibly difficult to post about personal feelings knowing you’re opening yourself up to prying eyes and people who might tear you down for it. So I think she’s very strong for doing it and encouraging others, especially in the hollywood business. People are very judgey. I hope she’s able to heal and be happy.


Absolutely. Violence against women is forbidden. Violence against men is forbidden.


Hear hear.


This is such a horrible position that Whitney Moore has been put into, and she deserves applause and support from everyone in the DC Community for her bravery.


I wish she went into more detail instead of just bringing it to light… But I do understand. Probably the greatest thing about social media is that stories normally buried in TV news get made viral via Twitter and Facebook. I hope more women band together to help find justice. I saw some hate saying why didn’t you come sooner, but that’s not on her. Things like this have been going on for far too long in all areas of the world. Make it stop


Interesting. I’m not a fan of Max Landis, but is there any hard evidence? Some people take accusations of sexual assault as unquestionable truth, and that’s not a fair standard.


Well it matches how Landis described HIMSELF in an interview.


MAJOR support for Whitney! It takes major strength to come forward for anyone to bring this forward.


Big support for Whitney! It takes courage to step forward. he has no reason to make up something like this. So I stand with her.

I hope enough evidence comes forward to bring charges against Landis and Landis gets his day in court. Accusations may be enough to impact his career but if the allegations are provable in court, he deserves the maximum penalty allowed by law, but so does everyone else who commits such vile behavior.

It’s a tough balance, of how to bring charges and trials yet protect witnesses from having to suffer the pain of reliving events.


She has no reason to make up something like this.

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What did Landis say about himself?

I don’t want to corrupt the thread with it or a link to it, but it’s super easy to find.

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Looked it up and I’m guessing we found the same stuff as you. That is pretty bad. Still doesn’t prove he definitively did the things in question, but it seems significantly more likely considering he views women as sex objects and has emotionally abused a girlfriend. Stack that on multiple accusations, and I certainly wouldn’t want to hire him for any projects if I were DC.

Hope the authorities find the truth and that justice is done.

Thanks for sharing.


If nothing happens to him to her coming forward is all for naught.

Something needs to happen, he needs to be made an example. Internet craze and talk will do nothing for it, as has been proven time and time again.


Echoing support for Ms. Moore. From what I’ve read, she seems to be in a much better place now. All the best to her and the other ladies!


First, I’d also like to offer both my compliments and condolences - the kind of abuse Whitney suffered is awful, and it’s incredibly brave of her to step up in order to make sure there are no more victims like her. Good thread. :+1:

Secondly - since DCU removed Emerald Dawn after concern about its author surfaced, should DCU remove Superman: American Alien from the service (since it was written by Max Landis)?


I hope they don’t remove his stuff. I actually had my first negative impression of Landis because of that series because I thought he tarnished the good nature of Clark’s name. I feel there’s a real effort to drag inspirational heroes through the mud by some people. However, I think we should separate the art and the artist. If I had to personally approve of people to read their work, I probably wouldn’t read any comics. Unless Landis is somehow getting royalties, I don’t see why it should even be considered.