:superman: Superman & Lois Season 3 Discussion Thread :superman:

Thanks, Moro. I appreciate it.


So, just a quick update of where I’m at with the show. As I was watching tv with the fam last night, during the ad break I was scrolling through YouTube and found the spoiler for episode 2: “Lois Tells Clark About Her Cancer”.

I tossed the phone to the other end of the couch. My family looked at me saying, “What’s wrong?” I told them about it, and even they got bothered about the spoiler. I didn’t think they cared, but I found out my family does lol. I’m going to watch the episode tonight and enjoy it for what it is. I’m a bit bummed right now. I’ll be talking about the episode itself tomorrow.


Ooooh boy those last couple scenes… I finished the episode right before going to work so it was hard to hold back the tears :pleading_face:

Didn’t catch the comic reference. A reference I wanted to see in the show but the way they flipped it for Lois… and Clark’s reaction was soooo heart-wrenching. Wow

Tweet part 2

Also liked the depth to Manheim in the episode.
A part of me did kinda wanted Jordan to lose control as the guy was insulting Sarah. Maybe we’ll get some cool action/fight scenes for him later on.

Random pic I saw online just wanted to share:

see ya’ next week !


Tune in next time (or a few episodes down the line) when Lex Luthor says

You can’t cure Lois and are so desperate that you’ve come to me.


As I suspected, she contracted cancer because of prolonged exposure to you.


First @superby1 Wishing your sister the best and hoping for a good recovery :shamrock::+1:.

Second the episode.

What an amazing episode.

The kids have fun bond and some old wounds open up but they seemed to have fun.

Lana and Steel dealing with the mayors death. Secrets and more great action from Onomatopoeia.

Bruno is great. Already enjoying him in this as the villain.

Supes and Lois investigate and great scene with the judge. Than the big reveal. I had a feeling it was cancer but this bad just hit hard. Great performances from everyone.

Will Lois make it through this? What’s Mannheim’s plan? And how will our heroes stop it? All this and more Same :superman:uper Time Same :superman:uper Channel


Thank you!


Also think the kid Nat was talking too is Mannheim’s kid. Don’t know why just have a feeling it might be a twist they do :thinking:.


What a great episode that was. I would’ve enjoyed it more if I wasn’t spoiled the night prior about Lois’s cancer. Which was revealed to be Stage 3 breast cancer, but it was still a good one.

I do see a relationship building up between John Henry and Lana in the future. Those two are definitely going to be spending more time together trying to figure out Dean’s murder, as their relationship will grow throughout the season.

I would like to see Kyle learn about the Superman secret. Maybe that would push him into finally getting his sh*t together and realize the importance of keeping is family together.

Not really caring about the whole Jordan & Sarah storyline. I feel they dragged it out long enough, and I don’t see that ending anytime soon. Looking back at that moment when Jordan returned from freezing that bullies car, and Sarah had that look on her face like she got attracted to him again, I realized that she may be conflicted about being Jordan’s friend or something more.

Finally, that cancer reveal for Clark and his reaction. Damn! Kinda hard to hold back tears for that one. There’s something really special when you see a powerful figure like Superman get impacted by these sort of things. It makes him feel so much more human. This show so far has so much more emotion and heart compared to the entire Arrowverse combined (except for Stargirl) and I hope they don’t go down the road that Flash has. This cancer storyline is going to be the main villain for me throughout the rest of the season, no matter how many villains they introduce in S3.


Absolutely one of the best shows on TV! I have several episodes of Flash that kind of pile up waiting for me to watch them, but this is one I watch that night!


Same! Episodes 3-6, and I’m skipping E7


The season is really good so far. Interested in how the cancer thing will turn out. This show is amazing and one of my favorites, the episodes never fall short. Literally everything about this show is amazing. :superman:


Ok, I caught up just in time to be behind again to tonight but first of all… I’m totally not crying right now… :sob:

Gosh, that was a good episode. I sort of saw the cancer reveal coming but hearing Lois say it was just heartbreaking. The acting in this show is phenomenal on every level for every actor.

I loved the bits with the four kids at the house party. That was hilarious. I’m not sure about Matteo though. It just felt a bit weird to me. Everything else was great.

I am liking Lana and John’s sub-plot too. Hopefully they saved some of that data. I’m sure that is very important.

But, yeah, great episode all around. This is the best DC superhero show right now, I think. (I almost said arrowverse but I stopped myself.)


Tense episode !

I interpreted the dream as everything being out of Clark’s control with Lois’s cancer. She also reminded me of my Mom in situations where you want them to take it easy for their benefit and they still want to be head-strong and do things on their own like normal. They nailed Lois’s speech in expressing her resistance to keep her actions/career path unchanged.

Sam Lane breaking down like that was such a refreshing and heart-breaking side of his character we don’t usually get to see. :cry:

The Lang/Cortez family drama was mixed for me:

  • Unless I missed something earlier in the episode I thought Lana over-reacted even prior to the slap. Sarah wasn’t right to bring up the divorce like that either though.

The Irons family drama was more understandable to me:

  • With John Henry we had another parent upset with their kid but they wrote it and had prior backstory build in him that it’s easy to empathize with him while still not being upset with neither family member.

Lana brought up her mom when apologizing to Sarah but I just don’t remember her being brought up before. Maybe that reaction from Lana would make more sense if her Mom being abusive (from what I guess) was brought up enough to keep that in the back of my mind like Lois from John Henry’s Earth is.

I’m glad Kyle is still being a good Father and he’ll need to get over that Lana will move on whether it’s with John Henry or another person down the road. Sophie seems like the only stable one atm although we never seen her and Bruno Manheim in the same room before… :man_detective:


I really liked this episode. I should note my sister went in for her first chemo session today, so the stuff with Lois had extra weight.

You know, I’m really happy the Irons family stayed. I’m always happy to see John Henry in an episode and Nat’s really grown on me. I love the sibling relationship she has with Jonathan and Jordan.

I loved the dream sequences. The effects and cinematography always blow my mind.

Sam breaking down when Lois told him got to me.

Also…Aleister Hook, you say…? :thinking: I can only hope and dream that does where I want it to go.


Superman & Lois is the best live action entertainment WB is putting out right now. For me, nothing else comes close. I feel like that should be the header every time I make a post about it.

Just finished this week’s episode.

  • The drama is real. I’m normally not one for dramas, but everyone acts their parts so well, and the action punctuates it perfectly.
  • Agree with other comments here that Clark’s recurring dream represents his fears and lack of control. They did those sequences very beautifully with him zooming through a wonderfully rendered Metropolis at night.
  • The scene where Lois walks out of the freezer and yells for Supes gave me chills.
  • Bitsie Tulloch continues to steal all her scenes. What a great actress.
  • I like that the kids have a little scooby gang thing going on the side :slightly_smiling_face:.
  • Tyler Hoechlin does not get enough credit for what his work as Superman. His portrayal is both spot on and uniquely his, and I’m here for it as long as we have it.


Great episode

The Lang’s are dealing with the stress and safety leading to Lana and Sarah arguing and Lana doing something she’ll instantly regret. Kyle still jealous but they’re for his daughter.

The irons are squabbling too but John was just scared to give up the watch but nice to see it resolved.

The kids go on a rescue mid for the car and watch. Looks like Jon’s relationship is struggling.

Supes is scared of not being able to save Lois and Lois telling everyone but is scared to help and change herself. Great Convo between the two.

How did Bruno get Superman’s blood? Is John’s relationship okay? Will the Lang’s work things out? All this and more Same :superman:uper Time :superman:uper Channel


Nice episode. They’re doing a great job with this show! Also how did they get supermans blood?


No way! They’re giving Jordan the suit from Man of Tomorrow :fire: :fire: :fire::fire: :fire: PERFECT!
The emotional touch about the goggles :pleading_face:SM

The diner scene was sooo satisfying. I remember Tyler Hoechlin being rumored for Batman at one point so that felt like a glimpse at a interrogation-esque scene.

Great touch when Kyle stood, put his hand on Sarah and Lana put hers on Kyle. Managing to show their family protectiveness while Clark is showing his.

The scene with John Henry and his alt-earth Sister was beautiful. I hope she gets to meet Natalie. :face_holding_back_tears:


DOD got it while Superman was out because of his show down with Parasite.


Agreed on all accounts, especially the dinner scene. I had memories of Clark and the bully at the end of Superman II. Was half expecting him to spin the dude on the stool and send him sliding across the counter on his dinner plate :joy:.

Good call on Jordan’s costume. Didn’t catch that!