[Superman Fan Club] ๐Ÿ“บ Superman 50โ€™s TV Show Monthly Watch-Along ๐Ÿ“บ Tuesday July 7th 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT / 7 PM MT / 8 PM CT

Look, up in the sky! The once-a-month first Tuesday Evening of the month [Superman Fan Club] :tv: Watch-Along :tv: is approaching!!!

Superman on Earth

2 short episodes = a fun way to celebrate the halfway point of the week!!! Join the [Superman Fan Club] as we dig into these slickly-produced, exciting and important exploits of the Man of Steel during the earliest days of Television nationwide!

Where: Right here on the forums! In this thread! In the comments!

When: Tuesday July 7th 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT / 7 PM MT / 8 PM CT

Weโ€™ll launch the recordings in perfect unison like robins competing for a nest at the appointed time!

What to queue and save to Favorites beforehand:

Superman on Earth Season 1 Episode 1 (Black and White) An infant boy from a race of supermen on another planet, Clark Kent, is rocketed to earth and reared by a kindly couple. As a young man he applies for a job on the Daily Planet,

And our in living color special: Adventures Of Superman: (26 minutes) Through The Time Barrier S3:E1 โ€” Professor Twiddle, an eccentric inventor, has contrived a time machine with which he transports himself and five others back 50,000 years to the caveman era!!!


Hope to see you Tuesday night

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:tv: Look, Up In the Sky!! :tv:


25 hours before Up up and Away!

I am not exactly sure how to watch it, but what a great idea! I will give it a try. Sounds lime.It you going to.launch from this thread? I need to save those episodes to my favorites also?

For sure start both episodes up for a few seconds and Pause so they are in Recently Viewed, and then save to Favorites.

The links to both episodes are also above here.

This works best with two devices, one to watch, the other to chat here. I use a tablet to chat while I watch the shows on my TV with the DC Roku app.

Some use a computer to view and their phone to text here.

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In one hour itโ€™s showtime! Make sure your cape is ironed!

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1 minute

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Iโ€™m here and ready! This is actually the first time Iโ€™ve ever watched any of this show, so this should be fun. :slight_smile:

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Itโ€™s Superman!


LETโ€™S Gโ€ฆl

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I love how the narrator is so bombastic about Superman and when talking about disguised as Clark heโ€™s like โ€œoh and he does that too, I guess, if you care.โ€


I am here! I have to restart my Roku

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Very Buck Rodgers look

I hate when that happens. Couldnโ€™t make it to the Stargirl WAL last night because of it.

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Yeah Iโ€™m kinda exhausted just hearing the guy, lol

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Huh, and I thought only Brando called it โ€œCrypt-ten.โ€


I skipped the intro and now for the narrator

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I gotta get a giant belt with a lightning boltโ€ฆ

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You know, when Jor-Elโ€™s range of time can be anywhere from years to days, I can kind of get why there would be at least a little skepticismโ€ฆ


3 min in

This man fashions.