[Superman Fan Club] Reading 4 June Second Silver Age / Bronze Age Reading June 24th, 2020

For our [Superman Fan Club] second reading in June, we’ll be scanning our eyes across Superman stories from the beginning, middle and the end of the Silver to Bronze Age yet again like a wooden cut out duck moving across the target plain in the circus arcade in summer! Coincidence?

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ACTION COMICS (1938-) #310 (released March 1964) Action 310 “SECRET OF KRYPTONITE SIX!” Jax-Ur convinces Superman release him from the Phantom Zone in order to save the people of Atlantis from a deadly plague. Some Jimmy Olsen goodness in this one too (Jimmy and some shelves full of different colored Kryptonite, what could possibly go wrong)!

WORLD’S FINEST COMICS (1941-) #71 (released July 1954, a couple of months before Don-el was born!) World’s Finest 71 1954 This, Superman fans, is the very cusp, the beginnings of Silver Age for Superman and Batman much like the Superman #76 published in 1952 that we read in May! Lois accidentally learns Superman’s identity while he is trying to rescue Batman and Robin, so Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne exchange roles to convince Lois that Clark is not Superman.

SUPERMAN (1939-) #237 (April 1971) Superman 237 1971 The Amazing New Adventures of Superman continues as told by: O’Neil / Swan / Adams, nuff said!

DC Comics Presents (1978-) #3 (released November 1978) (bi monthly!) https://www.dcuniverse.com/comics/book/-/bc103bb2-b461-453a-bd10-ff382e059dc2

Paging Adam Strange, paging Adam Strange!!! When Earth and Rann switch places, Superman and Adam Strange must handle disasters on each other’s planet and try to get their home worlds back where they belong. José Luis García López is looking good on this cover, and frankly David Michelinie is right up there on my “favorite comic book writers of the 70’s and 80’s” list.

And, finally, let’s read one more where Superman is using a bow and arrow in the story, shall we?

WORLD’S FINEST COMICS (1941-) #86 (released January 1957) World’s Finest 86 1957 Superman, Batman and Robin are putting on a show for charity, but someone keeps sabotaging the performance. Only 13 pages, the rest of the comic is missing, so just the first story is here.

Spoilers alert:

  1. What is your favorite color of Kryponite, and why?

  2. We didn’t really like the way Clark and Bruce treated Lois in Superman #76 when Superman and Batman discovered each other’s identity. How about this time around, is Lois treated well by them? Is Lois a good person in these early Silver Age stories?

  3. How do you rate the Superman #237 story compared to the ones we already sampled? Why?

  4. Which hero, Adam Strange or Superman, did the better job on the other guy’s planet?

In two weeks: we continue our breathtaking tour of all things Superman Silver and Bronze! And I warn you sternly, make way for the King of the Earth, Superman!


Action 310 Lori

“Pfft. Get Aquaman to handle it!”

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I really feel that the reading selection this time around of the early 70s Superman relaunch with O’Neil was one of the better ones!

The ultimate bad day at the office:

Superman, there are some wonderful drugs your doctor can prescribe for you if you get these feelings again.

This sand guy is nothing but trouble!

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Fanboys: “That auction scene from Batman & Robin is stupid! Batman would never show up to public functions!”

1957: “Oh, really…”

Worlds Finest 86 souvenirs

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From DC Comics Presents #3:

DC Presents 3

Even Rann has its share of James Bond villains!

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I love seeing those gigantic Batman souvenirs of past battles!

The afterword in my Free Comic Book day of a couple years ago super-sale priced hardcover “Silver Age World’s Finest Omnibus Vol 1” notes in the Afterword that Bill Finger loved using giant props in stories.

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This panel totally reminds me of the scenes in the Krypton TV series were Adam Strange finds himself on various alternate including one where Zod is supreme…

Side note, the new reading is planned to be posted by the end of the day today. Any other thoughts on this reading before we close it up?

Missed this when it was posted, but better late than never



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My apologies I’ve run out of time today. I’m going to end up posting the new reading for the Superman Fan Club tomorrow