[Superman Fan Club] Presents: THE SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS Week 13

[Superman Fan Club] Presents: Challenge of the Secret Society of Super-Fans!

Welcome to Week 13 of a very special challenge / contest , reading one single issue a week (as they are digitally published that is) of THE SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS (1976) .

This time around: THE SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS #13, with Gerry Conway as writer, Mike Vosburg, Artist, and Bob McLeod, inks!

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  1. Who was the most evil villain this time around in your opinion? Why is that?

  2. Is this only the second time the Earth 3 Syndicate has appeared in DC?

  3. Which of the one on one battles this time around seemed well-written and thoughtful?

  4. Which of the one on one fights really let you down?

  5. Is this your favorite cliff-hanger ending of the series? If not, can you recall which one is?

  • Yes, I did!

  • Oops, I did not

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Here are the latest exciting standings of this very special limited-edition of Secret Society of Super-Fans

And now, for perhaps the final time for a while, here are the parts of this week’s comic book that have not been digitized by DC Universe Infinite:

Letters Page:


Legion “Super-Sized” Edition:

Superman VS Muhammed Ali “Deluxe” Edition:

Shazam and Steel Announced!

Batman vs Sable Lady

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  1. The Wizard is the most evil because he didn’t stop for directions

  2. It is. Ultraman returns for DC Comics Presents Annual #1 in 1982 and Owlman joins the rest for the JLA/JSA/ All-Star Squadron crossover later that year.

  3. I’m just waiting for Star Sapphire to get her hands on the Wizard

  4. They were all too quick

  5. My favorite cliffhanger is #6


Superman in December 1977 when I turned 8


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That Action Comic reminds me I need to specify to my adult children I’m looking forward to getting that Superman car from Super Powers collection at Walmart.

I made sure to pick up that particular comic book recently as well as the Superman Family one that you show here.

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I’ve got to give it to The Wizard which is saying something since this issue was full of villainy. His treatment of Star Sapphire and his schemes to wreak havoc on multiple Earths puts him over the top, though.

When I first read this question, I thought to myself, “Well, that can’t be true… right?” But it is! It is very strange to me that characters as great as the Crime Syndicate sat dormant for over 13 years. Good on Conway for bringing them back!

Power Ring vs. Reverse-Flash was the best battle in this one. The other two were ambushes. Reverse-Flash had to use the afterimage effect of his speed to trick and defeat Power Ring. Cool strategy!

That would have to be Super-Woman vs. Blockbuster and Star Sapphire. Super-Woman is so powerful and ruthless that the fight could have been a real barn-burner. Instead, she gets clocked in the face by a statue and it’s all over before it began… Disappointing.

Ummm… yeah, I’d say so. Considering Captain Comet is about to fend off an evil Justice League and the fact that I currently cannot remember any of the other cliff-hangers from this series means I’ll say that this one is my favorite.

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Thanks for the tag! I just finished reading this. Again, love any story with Crime Syndicate involved :slight_smile:

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