[Superman Fan Club] Presents: The Event of the Year! Week 6: Superman #128 (1959) October 10th 2023

Welcome to the [Superman Fan Club] Event of the Year that started September 5th, 2023! DC Universe Infinite is releasing digital versions of Superman-related Silver Age comics week after week for a month and maybe two or three!!

Week 6: October 10th

Superman #128 (cover date April 1959)

(link blurred to avoid spoilers)

My favorite story this issue is:
  • “Superman versus the Futuremen”
  • “The Sleeping Beauty from Krypton!”
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Guess guess guess who the Sleeping Beauty is…

If you like, please tell us why you chose these particular tales to be the best!

Please share any favorite panels from this time around below.

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I’ve heard of and seen comic books get a binding, but never Superman himself!


Also note Adventure Comics from the Silver Age will start being digitized again next week we are told.

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Hope these are good comics. Wish I could read along, but for some reason I’ve gotten addicted to Archie comics lol


Makes sense, I like me some Archie and Jughead to read as well. I have a Dark Horse archives of the very first Archie Comics and they are a riot.

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Happy DCUniversarry @bridder01!

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Wow, how many years have you been on DC Community I wonder? Congratulations!

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