[Superman Fan Club] Presents: DC Challenge #10 / Challenge of the Superfans Season 3 Week 8

Welcome to Week 8 of Season 3 of a very special [Superman Fan Club] challenge / contest, reading **one single issue a week from the currently- digitized DC Universe Infinite collection of Silver and Bronze Age Superman and Family comic over an interesting space of time (we had to read issues #1-3 for the first week to keep up with each new issue being freshly-digitized) – open to one and all!

As always, you can go back and read an issue and comment on it weeks after it is posted.

This time around: DC Challenge # 10, written at the very precipice of the Bronze Age before the Crisis rolled in the Modern Age officially at DC Comics . This is the Pre-Bryne Superman, the pre-Perez Wonder Woman.

#10 “Jules Verne Was Right!”

Writer: Dan Mishkin Artist: Curt Swan

Dan Mishkin (born March 3, 1953) is an American comic book writer, and co-creator (with Gary Cohn) of the DC Comics characters Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld and Blue Devil from the early 1980s.

(link is blurred to avoid spoilers for this 37 year old story)

Q & A:

  1. Were you surprised by the Legion of Super Heroes tie-in?

  2. How did this issue’s storytelling compare to the previous issues?

I read DC Challenge #10
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  • Oops, I did not

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Please share any favorite heroes / villains from this time around below.

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We’ll plan to post the newly-released next issue tomorrow, whoever might want to join.