[Superman Fan Club] Presents: ACTION #350 (May 1967) Challenge of the Super Fans: Season 2! Week 12

Challenge of the Superfans Season 2 Week 12

Welcome to Week 12 of Season 2 of a very special challenge / contest , reading one single issue at a time from the currently- digitized DC Universe Infinite collection of Silver and Bronze Age Superman and Family comic over an interesting space of time!

This time around: ACTION #350 (May 1967)

(link is blurred to avoid spoilers for this 54 year old story, click to read issue)

Written by: Otto Binder, Leo Dorfman
Artists: Wayne Boring, Jim Mooney

Q & A:

  1. Which artist’s style did you prefer this time, Superman - Wayne Boring or Supergirl - Jim Mooney? Any idea why?

  2. Did you figure out the mystery behind the Superman skeleton in the cave before the story explained it?

  3. If you were Supergirl in the Silver Age / 1960’s, would you start to develop serious paranoia and other mental stresses when everyone seemed out to trick you, break your heart or deliberately be mean to you like she experienced in these Action Comics stories?


I read ACTION #350
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Time Travel is Realz.

  1. Mooney, it seems his art differentiated the characters a bit more, while Boring seemed to be more uniform in drawing them.
  2. As to the how yes, as to the reason no.
  3. She sure should be.
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I realize Wayne Boring is a classic well-renowned Superman artist. I’m not sure his work in 1968 was his best however.

Yep I’m a big Jim Mooney as well.


I have to agree with @Don-El on Boring’s work in this period. I usually like his work, but I couldn’t help but wonder why Curt Swan couldn’t have done the artwork after delivering such a memorable cover. By the way, this isn’t my first time seeing the Supergirl story, since I had a copy of Superman Family which reprinted it. But judging by the lyrics the Heroes group sang, I don’t think Lennon and McCartney had anything to worry about.


This will be running at least through the end of June, so there’s still time to check this 350th issue out!