:superman: :00_lc_sinestro: Super Sinister Sons Unite! :00_lc_sinestro: :superman:

Salutations and :sparkles: :fireworks: Happy New Comics Day :fireworks: :sparkles:, @ModernAgeSupermanClub!

This week sees the new to retail release of Sinister Sons #1, whose main cover by artist supreme Brad Walker can be seen below in all of its dudes with rude 'tudes glory:

To celebrate acclaimed writer Peter Tomasi’s return to helming a title that stars teamed-up sons of famous characters, let’s take a look at his previous gig that did the exact same thing during the Rebirth era:

While Jon Kent and Damian Wayne have starred in subsequent Super Sons-titled and themed content (all available on DCUI), I’m going to keep things simple and shine the spotlight squarely on their original series seen above.

However, if you’re an Ultra member and you’d like to read Super Sons content from far before Jon Kent or Damian Wayne ever existed, you can check out the following collection:

Are you checking out Sinister Sons? If so, what are your hopes and expectations for the title?

Have you read the Rebirth-era Super Sons?

Have you read the classic Super Sons stuff (Cool Points to you if you have)?

Chime in with your thoughts on Sinister Sons, Super Sons and hey, Son of Godzilla and Son of Kong while you’re at it, since those two fellers also have a new upcoming joint to look forward to. :superman_hv_4: