Stargirl Season 3 Discussion Thread

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Humanite’s Plan

Episode 8- nothing

Episode 9

Pat says Sylvester has been doing the work tracking down the cameras. This stops somebody else from potentially tracking them back to the source.

Pat said Sylvester was in a mine in Utah. I presume he was meeting with his team discussing future plans.

I doubt Icicle did the fake symbol to put his family in danger. Humanite was probably the one who did it when away.


Humanite’s Plan

Episode 10

Says when Mike and Jakeem went looking and tells them the Mahkents were framed. While pointing them in the right direction it is information they should be able to figure out anyway, and it portrays himself as the guy they should have been listening to and thinking if only he was there last episode. I They still have to be suspicious of the Mahkent grandparents, since Lily is now furious at them.

Notice he is driving Pat to the Mahkent house. I would think it would be the other way around. I would not be surprised if he has some old beef with them, he wants to get out. At their home he might be trying to agitate Sofus to keep everybody fighting. If Lily was to kill Barbara that would probably aid his plans.

When Mike and Jakeem reappear he immediately suggests the Monster is Grundy to hopefully take their suspicions off Humanite. It does not work, but he had nothing to lose, and for all he knew in the darkness they would think it was Grundy.

When discussing Ultra Humanite he gets them focused on unimportant details like acting rewards. He brings up that “Humanite” punched him in episode 3. Either way they must focus on a new great enemy that ideally results in him leading the team to fight putting him as a key member of both teams. He is the first one to support Star when she suggests uniting with everybody to take down Humanite, as it unites both his teams.

Throughout the episode the Crocks have been messing with his plans. Now they have to go. Based on their history with Jordan I presume this was either his or Dragon King’s plan.

He is not in these last few episodes much. I think he is trying to stay low and let them suspect everybody else.


In episode 11 Humanite set an American flag on fire. Nice detail there.


:rage: Shame on him! :us_outlying_islands:


Ya know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do a better job of hindsight analysis. You are quite the Monday morning Quarterback, @MatthewHecht. And I think we are all the more appreciative for it! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. The key is to watch for the small details hidden behind humor and pausing it when they are using double meanings. Most creators love disguising dark moments as just comedy. Many of Humanite’s jokes and funny faces are hiding his worries of being caught.

It also helps for analysis to watch on a computer instead of a TV. While less fun to just view that makes it easier to catch small details like how Humanite both checks his scar back in season 2 and then gets a new scar there in season 3 episode 4’s opening.


Humanite’s Plan

Episode 11

I see I forgot to post and covered up my notes with episode 12. He destroys the barn removing a potential lead they had. Other than that he is keeping the focus on Shiv and Icicle instead of himself and doing his roleplaying.

In the banter scene they get into how much he likes being a popular and liked guy,

In hindsight you can see plenty of Jordan’s manipulation of his family like ringing the doorbell and then walking off so they see him leaving them.

In Sylvester’s speech to Pat he makes a big deal about mistakes they made he would have avoided again implying they would be so much better off if he was there this whole time. It is also setting seeds for his weird Pat plan next episode.

Sylvester’s appeal to Stargirl at the end is just as much an appeal to the staff. They know from season 1 going to kill Icicle makes Cosmo more likely to leave Stargirl to join Starman.

Episode 12

The aspiring President wants hordes of fans.

Talk with Artemis removes a short term wildcard and makes sure in a future fight between himself and Icicle she is on his side. It keeps his ally, Icicle, alive in the short term.
I think his legacy speech is just playing the role, but it might be about expanding the JSA for the future, so he has more heroes to lead.
For his angry speech how did he know Zeke would figure it out? Was Zeke in on it? His plan is for Stargirl to retire and give him the full time role. He lets her overhear Pat crying and getting in a bad place to make sure she will miss him.
When he gets the staff I count this is the only time he actually had a shot to slaughter JSA members. For one that highly risks Cosmo leaving him right there, and The Staff only works for him if Stargirl thinks it should, so I think killing her just ends that.

I doubt I need to explain why he takes out Pat. I doubt he trusts anybody else to dispose him of him, and he wants to gloat.

What is with the “You almost had me bit.” I think he genuinely enjoyed his games with Pat and was saying goodbye to them.

At the end of the episode he says the plan and endgame are Icicle’s plan. He at least for now needs Icicle for his brain.


They never did tell us who was feeding that owl. My own headcanon is that it was Ma Hunkel.


He probably fed himself.


Humanite’s Plan

Episode 13

He appeals to Star’s desire to unite good and evil teams to fight a greater evil. Attempted to kill Pat to get her to leave the job of killing to him (I am really wondering if Icicle and Humanite were planning on quickly killing Dragon King).

I love that keeps whining Pat did not follow the plan that would be better for everybody when Pat’s role was dying. Paying attention to the tiny details really made me love the guy’s black comedy.

Notice he never goes after Stargirl due to how much that can mess up his control of the staff. He leaves that job to Icicle.

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