Starfire (2015- ) #1-6; Read, then Join Spoiler Discussion

Welcome to the spoiler discussion for Starfire (2015-) #1-6. Starfire (2015-) has 12 issues in total. This discussion thread is for issues #1-6.

Please share your thoughts, reactions, and questions on this lighthearted, fish-out-of-water adventure.:blush:


No kissing the dolphins

Somehow, she makes it adorable though. I love her in this series.

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I’m really enjoying it she is very open with her body

It’s like a completely different from Titans

I’ll add all my thoughts later, but I really enjoyed her free-spirit vibe too. It’s definitely adult humor, but it was tasteful, in my opinion.

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It definitely was I plan on reading issue 6 today it’s like that adult movie with the girl who is being sexy but doesn’t mean to its not like she’s sleeping with everyone

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I just got my Starfire bust that I ordered on Black Friday. Tomorrow was the deadline, it arrived about 2hrs ago. I posted it on DC show off your shrine… it’s so awesome, I’ve wanted it for sooo long. I forgot to look at what issues this thread is reading so I’ll play it safe cuz I think this was my very 1st read on this site. If not it was close. I love Atlee in this series as a co-star & Starfires sheriff buddy. I’ll exit post & see where you’re at to see if I can add more if it’s not a spoiler.

Yeah she has an innocence with her body all through TNTT & in animated movies. I love when she’s talking to Grayson in JL vs Teen Titans via Skype, & she just got out of the shower. He keeps looking down & avoiding looking at her & she’s leaning in all different directions with no clue what she’s doing to him. It’s such a funny dynamic to see Nightwing, one of the most sexualized characters, blushing like a school boy over Koriand’r.

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I dug this series. Kori’s way of interpreting human slang was funny.


That’s what she said

This series is so charming.
Starfire’s emotions, empathy, trying to understand sarcasm, taking everything literally, and her love for animals is written in a fun way, yet it pulled at my heart strings too. The tragedy and innocence are well-balanced. At first I thought the way she took everything literally was a bit goofy, but then it grew on me and I really loved her innocent way of viewing things.

In other stories I’m interested in the plot development, fight scenes, or the big reveal, but in this one, I just really love “hanging out” with Starfire. I’m reading it for a second time now and it’s lost none of its charm upon a second read.

It definitely feels like we are hanging out with with her you don’t get that feel in other comic books it’s like superhero on vacation

I love how starfire is what do you mean she said I was up her butt I promise I have never been up there something like that

I want to keep reading with who the next comic is about

Cool! When you finish the series, let me know and I’ll make a thread for the remaining issues.

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Will do

I’m guessing you guys are done, so it’s a great light read isn’t it? I read it as my 1st comic on here but then I read like Batman long Halloween & Penguin Pain & Prejudice & they were great but I needed the lightness of this one after those. So I read PG & Harley mini series it’s light just like Starfire ‘15. As a matter of fact it’s probably the closest thing to this Starfire run. So if u liked this, I’d recommend Power Girl & Harley Quinn or even Power Girl Power Trip.

Thanks djd187! I haven’t read those yet.

I’m going to finish re-reading the rest of Starfire probably tonight and tomorrow. I just love this series so much. She warms my heart.