Spoilers Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

Now available for streaming


It really is the last of the New 52 series

Anything is possible

Massive losses and betrayals

Two arcs

Start of initial batttle
as 14 member of the lLeague
(including Zatanna, Constantine Luthor)
brings war to Darksaid

Main story
Two years later
second round with everybody else left of’

The justice League
Justice League Dark
Teen Titans
Lois Lane
Most are from the Suicide Squad
The Bat Family
Lex Luthor

All together.
For five separate
last stands.

Three love stories

A massive fight between the two greatest villains of this series

Clark Kent
Lois Lane
Harley Quinn
King Shark
Lex Luthor
Swamp Thing
Major players

The last half hour is increduble
As sides start to shift

The last 12 minutes even more so
As the loses become unbearable
As Harley says, “Top of the world, Puddin.”

A Cliffhanger ending
With anything possible next

As the Trinity look on
And Two lovers kiss
Maybe for the last time
In this universe at least
Cue the Music
Fade to White

Complete spoiler starting with ending


i loved the movie! i thought it served as a great conclusion to these set of films! my thing is that it kinda stinks that after all these characters have been through (ex: Raven getting rid of Trigon) they seem to have to start all from scratch once again in another universe but hey I guess that was the point Constantine made when he said they’ll make the same mistake etc. Overall loved the film though!


90 days after blu ray release


Around mid-August

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This movie was epic. I hope this isn’t the end of this animated universe though. They have so many more stories to tell. Especially with the titans and , green lanterns, nightwing and Wonder Woman deserving solo animated features. Great movie


I’m just completely in awe of how epic this movie is! This pulled no punches! Also, my favorite version of Damian!


Beyond the Trailer
Grace Randolph

Did a review
Very Limited Spoiler

Trailer had already
Revealed. Constantine Raven Danien lois Clark

DC aleeady released.Swamp Thing clip
(Included in.my links above)

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IGN Review

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The movie was great. Definitely not the best in the DCAMU but it was pretty insane. I liked that they steered away from th source material to keep you on your toes. It was a good way to build up to the conclusion that I wasn’t too fond of but am interested to see how they start up the new universe. Maybe that’s where Man of Tomorrow takes place


It was awesome. So many things I didn’t see coming from Trigon v Darksied to Trigon Supes to evil bats and the league. Just such an awesome movie. I had a feeling this was the end to a new Universe coming I think man of tomorrow will kick it off. But the send off was great. Etrigan was the best in this. Just so much fun. Surprised in 90 minutes they able to wrap up so much of the stories they built and fit so much in. Cyborg saving the day was great. Really like how they put the focus on JLD for the end. Just such and awesome movie. Definitely had become one of my, if not my favorite movie.


Where is the damn movie? What the point of paying for this app without getting the new movies?

Movie will be available here
Around August 17
90 days after the Blu Ray is released.

This allows DC Entertaiment.to recover the cost of the video by sales via streaming and purchase of video

Let’s say Warner Brothers makes 10 dollars for eaxh 19.99 sale

If it went directly to DC Universe, it might get 8 cents per client per month, it would take much longer, if ever to pay for thr cost of the movie.

Which means no more movies would be made.

The 8 cents bumber is made up but the idea that DC Universe has enough money to buy the movie while covering the entire cost of making the movie is not viable.

We are a niche service with membership nowhere as big as Netflix or Amazon or HBO. Maybe in the tens of thousands.


I loved it. It was epic. I have always wanted to see a threat tackled by every faucet of the DC Universe and this movie does it. Justice League, JLD, Titans, TT, Suicide Squad, random heroes and villains. Can’t wait to see what is next.



So just started this movie, Superman is a war monger now. ■■■■ these movies.

Dang. This was intense. While I had my problems (i.e. Lois, Bane going out with a whimper) I thought as an exercise they clearly has to reverse, this thing gave you everything. Nuts, and honestly can’t believe corporate approved it. If for no other reason than limited Batman This thing was bananas.


I wasn’t expecting that I watched! I was toying with the idea of my 10 year old son watching this with me, as he’s watched mostly the other movies, but not long into the movie I was glad I watched it without him, because it was extremely violent for a DC animated movie. This had me on the edge of my seat all the way through, even half an hour into it I was thinking to myself that this is my favorite of the New 52 movies, I love them all apart from one I didn’t really like. So, where does everyone think this will lead us to next? Rebirth, or somewhere new all together?


[quote=“Darccide, post:6, topic:969894”]
[/quote] It’s the end. Wonder Woman Bloodlines exists though.

Can’t wait to see the direction the new universe takes. I hope it is based in the 80’s and the next movie up is based on the Man of Steel from John Byrne!


What do you mean? I thought was the same timeline/universe as the rest of the justice league movies.