[Spoiler Zone 🚨] Swamp Thing Ep. #09 Open Discussion Thread

Welcome, boils and ghouls, to the next installment in the official Swamp Thing discussion zone.

If you haven’t watched the episode, turn back before it’s too late- spoilers abound!

Now that we’re alone little tendrils, tell us: What did you think? Do you love the lighting scheme of the laboratory? Has Woodrue “grown” on you? Where do you think the last episode will take us?

Let us know your favorite moments, your theories, your conspiracies and your visions in the comments below!


I am so glad they used the twist of “alec” not really being alec


Wow just wow

Even better than Alan Moore’s version of The Anatomy Lesson.

The fight scene almost reminded me of the one in V for Vandetta.

All the dominoes falling, all the characters’ fates revealed, in such a short period of time. Stunner after stunner

All but Woodrue and Avery. saving the best for the last episode


I can’t believe it’s goin to be over soon it can’t end like this they have to keep it going !! This is DCs best series better than titans in my opinion
Episode 9 was awesome great seeing blue devil but man oh man it needs to continue it can’t end


I’m probably in the minority, but I’m unhappy they went with the Moore storyline-is anyone else a bit disappointed? I did guess that’s what they were going to do though when they put the image of him dragging the skeleton out of the water on all the promotional materials, I just sort of wanted to see the most recent New 52 Swamp Thing. This series is fantastic though, I can’t believe it’s actually being completely scrapped :sob::seedling:


Swamp Thing needs to continue, Loved episode 9 and it’s cool how they had him bringing Alec Holland’s body out of the swamp or what’s left of it. So addicted to this show please someone pick it up
#PickupSwampThing #SavetheSwamp


This was a great episode, and a nice homage to the Alan Moore story from the comics. The twist of having Swampy conscious during the autopsy made it all the more chilling. I also liked the Blue Devil appearance. I will be sad to see this series end, just when it was getting so good.


Wow on top of Wow!!!



Can you believe they cancelled such a great show need at least one more season to finish what they had started


Oh man this series is fantastic. The deputy got what was coming to him. The Blue Devil finally gets revealed, and that autopsy scene. Next episode, the birth of the flouronic man maybe and hopefully a good wrap up.


It was awesome. I loved seeing Blue Devil. He looked amazing. For an odd reason I was cheering for Avery when he got his revenge. Love the bad guy vs bad guy action. I also felt bad for Woodrue. Suck what happened. Can’t wait for the finale. Hope we see some Floronic Man.


oh my god this whole time, the title image on DC Universe is Swampy carrying Alec’s body … how did I not know

also, “back to Malibu” … I think you mean BEVERLY HILLS, Ian Ziering … best supporting actor, Swamp Thing 2019


Man this episode was wild. I’m so sad that this series is going to the so soon. Couldn’t we at least get the full 13 episodes if the show is not coming back?!! There’s a part of me that wants to believe that while Swamp Thing might be cancelled, it could be used to set up a Justice League Dark show. The chances of that are extremely slim but I still want to believe!


What a fantastic episode with an impactful end. I’m really gonna miss this show.


GREAT! I’m quite happy to see such a well done swamp thing series. This episode was great! Phantom stranger amazing, blue devil was eh but still would love to see more of him. And wouldn’t it be he great to have ep. 10 set up floronic man for season 2… one can wish. Hopefully somehow miraculously they bring swampy back for another season. So much more I’d love to explore with the rot too!

I should of seen this coming due to the poster and source material but it still hurt to see swampie with alec’s corpse, although the scene was done beautifully and you got to admire the fact that swamp thing wanted abbie to know what he really his. I also love the fact that once again Derek Mears shows us how well he can portray swamp thing’s emotions and if Wb does make a swamp thing movie he better be the one playing swamp thing. (Same goes with the rest of the cast as well.) I also love that despite the fact that they could only make 10 episodes they were still able to add a lot to the story line and I hope they can wrap up this season in a way that makes me feel satisfied that swamp thing and abby have a future together.

On that note is anyone else hoping that Alec’s soul still exist as swamp thing, despite the fact that swamp thing was holding Alec’s corpse, ? Because that is what I am hoping for. I am also hoping that abby and alec/swamp thing at least kiss in the final episode of the season after they overcome this revelation. Also that swamp thing shows conclave why they shouldn’t mess with him.

“Soul?” Lol this is sci-fi horror, not religious comfort-myth. The whole drama of the character is driven by the fact that this is just a bunch of sentient seaweed confused by a human’s memories. It would be ruined by some cheap reincarnation crap; we can trust the writers to be more mature than that from all the evidence.

With that said, while Abby can’t have the original Alec back, and Swamp Thing knows the truth now, the truth shouldn’t preclude a relationship between them (insofar as the obvious physical obstacles didn’t, and the new emotional ones don’t). If the shrubbery has all Alec’s memories and personality traits, and emotionally relates to them as a first person subject rather than an observer, then for all intents and purposes it’s Alec.

I agree Lagiangio, I would like to see that too. It’s not actually that far from the source material either, it’s essentially what happens in the New 52 version. I didn’t care for Moore’s Saga of the Swamp Thing, so I’d be happy to see them incorporate either the original material or the new stuff.

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I hate that they went the Alan Moore route but also respect them for it, they’re showing respect to the source material. It just hurts knowing we’ve spent nine weeks rooting for someone that isn’t the man we knew, we’ve only been seeing his memories in another being.