[Spoiler Zone 🚨] Swamp Thing Ep. #09 Open Discussion Thread

JediNxf7, you really feel that even with us finding out Alec is truly dead, we still have Alec in Swamp Thing?

yet no one showing rage that they still cancelled the show…? just right when we get blue devil

Un cancel this or put it on HBO max like doom patrol pleaseeeeeeee

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The stuff with Alec? Pure gold. The Sunderland? Also great. Blue Devil? A bit shoehorned in. Matt? That was sort of random.

Can they give us anything even remotely close to a decent ending?

Nobody, repeat nobody was willing to pay to keep Swamp Thing on the air. It was a decent show, just to expensive to make.


Haven’t gotten to watch the episode yet, but I don’t think they needed to go this route in the fashion that they did. If you’re going to use the Alan Moore origin, don’t do things in the writing that cement otherwise because “bait and switch” storytelling doesn’t work.

I do owe the hosts of Swamp Thing Radio an apology, though, for saying that their ‘read’ on Alec/Swampy and what the writers had chosen to do was wrong.

I had hoped for the Floronic Man, but Wood-Rue did say that the Swamp Thing WAS a plant that thinks it’s Alec Holland.

That’s straight from the Alan Moore run.

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And PLEASE remember that the DCU had NOTHING to do with the show’s cancellation.

Save your wrath for the suits at the top who didn’t think we were worth it.

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I really enjoyed this episode. While I don’t read the Swamp Thing comics, I knew about him being a plant with Alec’s memories during Moore’s run so thought that was going to be the reveal, but it was very well done. Although the part with Alec showing Abby’s Alec’s body… her performance sold the heartbreak the scene was supposed to have… but she knew him for what? 2 days. Don’t know how they could have worked around that but Abby’s connection to “Alec” is hard to buy when she barely knew him.

I also loved the Blue Devil payoff was afraid they cut the episodes before we could see him. Not sure if we will get more in the last episode so lots of unanswered questions if not. But it was still a great arc although looks like he changes into Blue Devil not trapped as him permanently, but given how little they show of Swampy most episodes due to budget issues, doubt they could have pulled off him being stuck as Blue Devil full time. In case there is no more Blue Devil in the finale, want to comment the writers and Ian Zeering (not sure I spelled that right, my appologies). I have been critical of some of this show but that storyline has been done perfectly. Shame we couldn’t have gotten a Blue Devil series instead honestly, but love how the storyline has played out. Definitely went above and beyond. Also liked the Phantom Stranger in this episode, much more in line with the comics then his first appearance.

Also liked the scenes with Sunderland and with Woodrue and his wife. All in all a great episode.

Not sur e what to expect next week, I know that apparently they filmed the first 9 and were about to film episode 10 when the number of episodes was cut back. So sure they were forced to do some heavy re-writing with limited options. But hoping they can stick the landing, although plan to go into next week with much more leniency since they were put in a bad spot. Hopefully they will deliver a satisfying ending and didn’t decide to do a cliffhanger to try and make DCU have a hard time cancelling it like some cancelled shows do. As that is always really unfair to the fans of the show.

Honestly, this show has been a big bust for me after about episode 6. Been a real let down. It feels like I’m watching CSI or some bs show like that. I’ve grown tired of Abby and her reporter friend. Swamp Thing hasn’t had enough screen time, and the true comic book villains have been completely ignored. I’m mean seriously, why are we having to wait until the last episodes to see the Blue Devil and possibly Floronic Man?? I’m beginning to wonder if this show was truly canceled over location issues, or if it was canceled because of a sub-par story line and creative differences.

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