🚨SPOILER ALERT🚨 Young Justice: Outsiders Ep. 20 Discussion Thread

This week, the new Meta-Human joins Atlantis with Aqualad, Cyborg, Superboy, and Forager deal with the Mother Box, and Harper Roe goes to counseling with Miss Martian.

This is a safe space to discuss everything you saw, but it’s a very UNSAFE space if you haven’t seen :eyes:

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Make sure you check out the latest episode before letting us know your thoughts, reactions, theories and conspiracies in the comments below!


That kiss between Kaldur and Garth was certainly unexpected. I thought the episode was laying the groundwork to pair Kaldur with the new metahuamn girl, than the show sweeps the leg, lol.


Ok I’m a dc fan and marvel but I like dc more better​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Aqualad and Garth was a swerve, not that I didn’t like it, but it seemed a little out of left field given Garth and Tula in YJ season 1 as well as Kaldur and Tula as implied in season 1. This also lead to Kaldur’s deception of Black Manta in YJ season 2.

I mean, it is totally possible that YJ Atlantians are more commonly LGBTQ than Humans and that would explain it if both Kaldur and Garth are both bisexual, but that doesn’t mesh with anything we’ve seen regarding Atlanteans thus far.

It is also possible that Kaldur and Garth are simply both homosexual or one is homosexual and the other is bisexual without any other societal factors in play. It just seems odd given that, in season 1, both were vying for the same girl.

So I think more explanation is necessary.

Note: I’m Ace, so I’m part of the LGBTQ community, so I’ve got no problems with Aqualad being gay/bi/etc. Nor do I have any problems with the same regarding Garth. Just the specific ship (Some YJ fanfiction writers are squeezing right now as Kaldur/Garth, aka Garthur, was totally a thing.) Seems highly unlikely given the two characters involved.


Loved seeing Beautiful Dreamer and Metron.

I’d really like to see Weisman and company do a New Gods spinoff when the New Gods movie gets closer to coming out. It’d be a great tie-in.

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Black Lightning LIVES! Was worried they’d forgotten to put him in the second half of the season at all.


i forgot kaldur was gay in the comics so that was confusing for like 3 sec

I thought when Cyborg was sad he said he was a talking fart box. I had to go back and listen to it 3 times


This show does a fantastic job on the New Gods. From design to their characters is a great change from what we know in comics. I enjoyed seeing Metron here and can’t wait for more New Gods. Give a shout out to Harper Row now living with them, will we see BlueBird? I hope we get something with another season, she was great in the comics, until they pretty much wrote her off and practically be replaced by The Signal (who I don’t understand what he does in the comics). Anyway glad she is getting more time on screen. Yeah that kiss was alright, I mean I know Kaldur being gay in comics but kinda weird with Garth only because, like someone said already here, they went for the same girl. But hey maybe that was the thing that brought them close. I don’t mind. Just we almost need less characters because it almost seems there is too much now and we get thrown moments like and try to think a little too hard on thinking back on their character development. I am curious on Dolphin. She says she doesn’t want to reveal her real name, I like to know why so hopefully we get an answer soon. I like Violet bringing closer to the family. Also big applause for DC for putting that phone number for Domestic Abuse, awesome way of handling of Harper and her family situation and spreading the word about this real problem.


so aqualad/kalder is bi Im so confused.

I am just confused on why they set up the new Meta-human to go to Atlantis with Aquaman when he was gay in the first place. I feel like it just defeats the whole purpose and plus it ruins a beautiful romance that could be.


The second half of this season has really been hit or miss for me personal. As many have said before I feel there is just too much going on and its spread to thin. It kinda feels like a lot of the eps. this second half are more like tie in stories but we never get to see what they are referencing to. I can’t think of other instances at the moment but in this eps. when Superman is talking with SB about the Female Furies I was like “let me see that come on.” A little to much drama for me going on. The scene with MM and Harper came off cheesy and felt like bad acting to me. (I was in the system as a kid and sympathize completely but I cracked up at the bad acting in that scene.) I don’t really care about the Kaldur scene. He is my favorite character in YJ. I just want more Aqualad/Aqualad in the show. It did take me by surprise though. That last scene in what I would call “still animation” (might not be the right term sorry) didn’t seem to work for me it felt off.


Wow, was not expecting Kaldur×Dolphin would be a fake out. Certainly wasnt expecting Kaldur and Garth to be a thing. That’s interesting to say the least. It’s nice to know they both have someone though.

I also noticed how they seem to be subverting expectations about Terra. She seems like shes genuinely coming to love being with the team and wants to protect them.

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I cried so hard beautiful episode


The timing on that Kalder/Garth kiss is so funny for me as I literally found out this week that Kalder was gay in the comics so I was a lot less surprised than I could have been. That said, the kiss was super sweet and I’m really happy for both of them. I only hope that the showrunners actually take the time to follow up on that in this admittedly crowded team lineup.

The scene with Violet going to Gabrielle’s family was really well done, and I’m glad to see that Terra is becoming more connected to the team. I hope she’s able to get out from under whatever is connecting her to Deathstroke, because I really like her and I’d love her to stick around. I also really loved Conner asking Clark to be his best man and Clark’s response. Like, did you even tell him you were getting married? Or did you just jump straight to the best man thing? :joy:


Another fantastic, heart-felt episode. Oh the feels…

For the record, I don’t believe that Kaldur’s kiss was with Garth. Garth’s face is much slimmer, has different hair and and is lighter-skinned.

I think it’s Wyynde - a background character from a few other episodes and an issue of the tie-in comic.



So this kaldur is bi? Yes thank you a bi, biracial, superhero, just like me, I hope.

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so the girl he brings to atlantis is going to be dolphin


I can’t believe it my heart stopped when I saw Garth and Kaldur kissed I had to rewatch it like ten times

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I can’t believe it my heart stopped when I saw Garth and Kaldur kissed I had to rewatch it like ten times