[SPOILER ALERT 🚨] Young Justice: Outsiders Ep. 14-16 Discussion Thread

Now that the (second) long wait for more Young Justice is over, it’s time to dish about all the twists and turns that befell our heroes!

This thread is for everyone who has already seen ALL THREE RELEASED EPISODES that dropped July 2nd - that’s episodes 14, 15, & 16.

With the team fighting battles in the reaches of space to the tundra of Russia, there is a lot to jump into. Let us know your thoughts, reactions, theories and conspiracies in the comments below!


Episode 14 is off the chain!


I love halo so much and she has a new invincibility power also I’m really liking mist and livewire


Make more episodes faster


More of Batman incorporated


I loved the episodes. It was fun to see Beastboy back in the action. I thought that Halo’s coming out was forced and clunky, but I have no real problem with it. I just wish their first openly LGBT character would have been Kaldur or another established character (I may have missed another character though). I’m curious as to what Dr. Jace is doing though! I really wanna see more of that storyline.


Am I the only one who feels like there are so many characters that it’s hard for actual development to occur. I just miss the old team and want to see more of them. Like nightwing was in the episode for about 5 seconds and then disappeared.
Also with Artemis’s mom referencing Barbara does that mean everyone knows about her. I think Oracle is still a secret and would love for more development.


When Nightwing said, “Today’s the day.” That line landed so well. We got little snippets of the void that Wally has left behind but at that moment, I really felt just how much Dick misses his best pal. Was not ready for that at 6 am XD.

And man, Beast Boy’s development has been stellar over these three episodes. My gut tells me he may go down a different path be the end of this season… Possibly form a team that doesn’t mind the spotlight :wink: Only 2 titans left to introduce, so who knows. On Earth-16, anything can happen!

Love how this season just sprinkles new characters into the mix. Was great seeing Big Barda, the Hawks and Guy Gardner getting the spotlight. Looking forward to more new characters in the coming weeks!


Dick’s “Today’s the day” line got me sooo hyped. Love that addition, great throwback. (That whole scene also seemed to help set up Wally coming back, which is crash)

Love to see more of the actual team development too. (The secret ops one) Also, are Ed and Bart dating?!! I thought so, but wasn’t 100% cuz they didn’t really mention it.

Lastly, not 100% sold on Roy x Artemis. I won’t be too mad if it happens, but…

Overall, loving the new episodes. Worth the wait


Not at all a fan of Will and Artemis, I feel like it is a subtle way of removing Kid Flash from the show.
Did it look like Ed and Bart had almost the exact same facial features. Well except the difference in skin-tone, and Ed’s sideburns.
Also, where in the heck is Nightwing?!


why couldn’t superman breath in space.
hes superman he flys to the sun on the regs.


When is the real kid flash coming back


@Captain Shasam I think it’s because they were boom tubed into a black hole that’s the way I see it because Superman and Hawkgirl are both aliens and Wonder Woman is half god

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Why does everyone keep saying they want to see the OG team they’re literally on your screen lmao. Also the ogs have had the most development there’s other characters that need it like halo


You know, I said I was going to pace myself.

I was going to watch ONE episode and then go get some work done. Maybe save the other two for later, maybe even tomorrow. It is a whole week until next Tuesday, after all. Better to stretch the enjoyment out a bit, yes?

Nope. I caved. Watched all three, one after another. I’m an addict; I need a help group, I’m so whelmed!


Beast boy gonna form the titans


Great set of episodes. I am not a fan of Will and Artemis either but when you spend enough time with someone as they do, you cannot help but wonder. Both of their last relationships ended badly and they have supported each other for awhile. Plus they are each others’ types. I mean, Will is in a happy place with his daughter and the life he leads. The current Will, unburden by his origins and the life (mostly), reminds me a lot of Wally. It is not just the red hair, despite Will’s comment to Dick earlier this season with Dick calling him Wall. Notice that Artemis first shows interest when Will is being the goofy dad. This is something Wally would do if he and Artemis were married with kids. The question is are the former sidekicks simply replacing those they lost or is there a real connection between them. I also agree with other fans that it seems that others, especially Artemis’ mother, are placing their own thoughts, wants and desires onto them. Artemis and Will don’t need to be a couple to be a family and Artemis needs to live her own life, even if she is still involved in the hero life. I read that a cut scene from the Season 2 finale script had Wally and Atermis decide to continue to be heroes. Assuming Wally passing the mantle in “Summit” still happens, my guess is that Wally would have become a part time Flash at least or taken a new identity.


Why is Young Justice so serious?

Gordon Godfrey exactly who is he?