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Batgirl 32 Steph

The Renegade Robins Club once again teams up with Spoiler as she teams up with Green Arrow and Batgirl! (Oh, and that Drake fellow, of course.) She could use some friends now that the Birds of Prey have given her the boot. Oh, and there’s the whole thing about her father’s ill-fated stint in Task Force X! What’s a Steph to do in a post-Cluemaster world?

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Spoiler Alert!
  • Stephanie has a prominent role in the second issue of the 8-issue limited series Batman: Family, but she’s not very involved in the arc otherwise. (Plus, it’s not on DCUI, so we can’t do a read-along for it.)

  • You can also catch Steph showing up in a few Young Justice issues from around this time, starting around issue #49. (Thanks to the Stephanie Brown Wiki for keeping up with these smaller appearances.)

  • See Suicide Squad #1 for the fate of Cluemaster.

This Month's Issues

I. Scattered Fruit (July 16-22)

II. Spoiler Space (July 23-31)

Discussion Question: What do you make of the developments in Steph’s character here–namely, the death of her father and the reveal about her past abuse by Jim Murray? Are these stories effective and compelling, or do they come off as needlessly dark and unpleasant for escapist superhero fiction?

Poll Question: Is Batman being unreasonable with his standards in Gotham Knights #37?

  • Yes: he’s holding Stephanie to an unreasonable standard!
  • No: Gotham needs its vigilantes to be top-notch detectives!

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That Gotham Knights issue makes my blood boil! It really feels like the seeds of War Games are being sown here. I have to wonder when they made the decision they did…


Dick Grayson really had it easy. Bruce’s expectations were far more reasonable in the 1940s. :wink: