So what's everyone's thoughts on Heroes in Crisis #1?

Personally, I thought it was a really good comic. A bit depressing, but good. Oh, and why you gotta off Wally like that? You just came back two years ago.


As far as Wally goes, Buffy was the main character of her show and she died every season. As far as the rest if it goes, I’m mad. A month is too long to wait.:grin:

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It was mostly set up, but it shows a lot of promise. If it focuses more on the characters and doesn’t try to beat us over the head with pointless shock value, I think it could be one to remember.

I think they can do some really interesting stuff with PTSD as their main theme. I think that if they also focus on the domestic violence aspect of it, rather than just the fact that they’re soldiers, I think it could be an incredibly meaningful event that may even compare with some of their other more notable runs.

+Jay_Kay It doesn’t try to beat us up with pointless shock value? Um you and I read a different book. I didn’t like what I read is #1 but I’m going to stick with it. I’ll put blind faith in King to turn this thing around in the back half it’s run and end it on an inspiring note… With all who’ve died coming back.

I think Wally will be back. Time traveling Booster Gold and seeing alternative realities with Psycho pirates mask are too councidental

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Good point, razorskiss225.30460. I hope you’re right.

@Adaman, I said “IF” it focuses more on character and not on shock value.

I wish I had been whelmed.

While I realize that if you are a hardcore Wally or Arsenal fan this probably was a gut punch - for me it just felt like the deaths in infinity war. I felt nothing.

If you haven’t built an investment in a character you need someone else to be your lense to how much that character mattered.

Take the death of Professor Stein in Crisis on Earth-X for example. I didn’t have a very deep emotional investment in the character before he died, but the script writers was amazing at letting us see how much that death mattered through the eyes of his friends, and I cried with them.

I missed that here.
It just felt like pointless deaths.
Just like infinity wars.
Maybe that was the intention.
Either way, I wasn’t whelmed.

I think it shows great potential. The deaths are a great starting point to an interesting plot. I hope! I like risk taking stories so i look forward to the unfolding.

Apologies Jay_Kay I should’ve double read.

I cried when Barry died. I was saddened when Supergirl died. Nothing hit me like the tragedy of Wally West. To bring him back, then the struggles of him finding his footing, then killing him? Such a waste.

What does DC have against the 2nd generation of heroes? They have attempted to kill Dick Grayson a couple of times. (Except for the fan uproar, might have succeeded.) Whose next? Donna Troy, Garth? Killing for the sake of shock value is not the answer. There are probably hundreds of other DC characters that are not being utilized that could have served as canon fodder. What is worse is that you get little if any reaction from the “Big 3”. I mean come on, they knew them personally. When Superman died, seeing Lois holding him was gut wrenching. Where is the emotion. We got more reaction from the “Trinity” when Sue died in Identity Crisis. Where is Bruce’s detective skills? What is in Roy’s hand? Did any one else see this? Or, was this a trick of the light and shadowing? Any way, I would like to see some kind of emotion shown by somebody. Don’t waste such richly background characters without some kind of reaction.


It suddenly struck me what this all reminds me of. WWE. Vince McMahon keeps pushing guys like Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar, gleefully ignoring the fact that fans are booing these guys out of the building left and right. Dan Didio likewise keeps pushing Barry Allen as the end-all be-all of Flashes While so many of us fans are loudly supportive of Wally West.Somebody needs to point this out to Didio and company and say “You really DON’T want to be THAT kind of guy!”

Hmmm if only one of the main characters in this book was known for time travel…

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I was not sad when Wally and Roy died. I was mad. Absolutely furious, and I threw the comic on the floor and screamed at it…while still in the comic shop. Dan Abnett’s ‘Titans’ was my favorite comic series in years (until Scott Snyder said "let’s mix up the teams even though ‘No Justice’ has literally NOTHING to do with the Titans), and Wally is my favorite superhero. I cared about his struggle and I wanted to see him get better, I wanted to see him get his own series that would take him out of Barry’s shadow that DC Editorial keeps forcing him under. But instead, the fastest superhero alive dies unceremoniously and off-screen. I will give the series, at most, two more chances: 1) to show these heroes’ deaths (tastefully) and give them a proper final stand, and 2) to resurrect them, because if these heroes are so cheap to DC that they can just let Tom King kill them off, then it shouldn’t be that much of a hassle to bring them back, should it?

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I personally liked it, who do u think the killer is? I feel we have to get the full story to see how it will be. We should never judge it by the first issue.

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It was fine I guess. Kind of a waste bringing Wally back with Rebirth just for this.

I really liked it. I’m intrigued to see where it’s going. I loved the tone of the first issue. There was a reserved emotionality to it I liked a lot. I understand people being upset about some of the deaths, Wally’s especially. But… I just wonder if that’s real? As has been pointed out, Booster can time travel. But even beyond that… I don’t know, it’d be a very odd storytelling move to bring Wally back as sort of the touchstone of Rebirth only to kill him off. Not impossible mind you, but it just makes me feel there’s something more going on here.

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“Booster can time travel”

Maybe that is what Harley referred to when she accused Gold. It is most likely that Booster already considered that and tried fixing something which ultimately resulted in the carnage we saw.

That would explain Booster drinking at the bar when it starts.

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