Should there be more family friendly original shows?

I’m not saying that we should have kids only cartoons, but it would be nice to have some more shows to recommend to others without fear of the occasional gore, nudity, or profanity. Young Justice: Outsiders has been the only show so far that doesn’t have anything explicitly mature. If anything it proves that a show can be acceptable for all ages while still providing a mature story that keeps it relatable. Justice League Unlimited was by far my favorite to do something like this. Any thoughts?

Edit: In hindsight “family friendly” may not have been the best phrase to use. Something like “General Audience” would probably be more appropriate. Something that is made with a large viewer base in mind, and something I wouldn’t mind a kid or parent walking in on without having to make some make some explanations.


I agree. I have younger generations in my house (and, to be honest, am not a fan of it myself). It would be nice to have some originals that are for families like YJ instead of all MA and R-high PG-13.




I think it would be nice. It would be good for there to be a family friendly show, or at least for them to put/reboot Justice League Action. I loved that show.


That’s what the CW is for.


Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude but what CW show is family-friendly? I know that the Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl are TV-14


Stargirl might be more family friendly. I wouldn’t mind a more kid friendly cartoon on here. I liked TTGo and some of JL Action they were pretty funny.


I really want a second season of Superhero girls, my kid loves it.


While CW shows are TV-14 and much more acceptable to show younger viewers, I still don’t like their format. These shows construct drama and pad out stories leaving them a bit bland and predictable. I guess I just miss shows like Green Lantern TAS and JLU. I’ve loved Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol, both having genres that revel in the horror and absurdist themes that benefit from darker subject materials. I just think that being a great show and being appropriate for younger viewers aren’t mutually exclusive concepts.


Honestly, I’m not sure. Personally, I don’t mind the mature tone of the original shows, but I could get wanting some more. I think, at moment, most of the shows on DC Universe are viewable by kids. Batman TAS, Teen Titans, Static Shock, Legion of Superheroes, etc. The only explicity mature shows at the moment are Titans, Doom Patrol, and Swamp Thing.

If I were at the head of DC though, I would just want the creators of the shows to make what they want. I wouldn’t want to say, “We need more family friendly content, make a show for that.” Nor would I say, “We need to be dark and explicit, make that show.” I just want to see the creators make shows that they want and love. That’s typically when the best pieces of media are created. :slight_smile:


I was about to post basically exactly what @OmniLad just said. Creators should simply write stories that they want to tell. That being said, I’m pretty sure this app only allows users of age 13+, so I’m not sure if there’s even a demand for more kid friendly shows. I’m happy to watch whatever so long as the creators are interested in making new shows, but it should be noted that the target audience is more adult (or at least teens).


Personally one of the main reason why I love the shows are here is because they’re more mature oriented. There’s tons of TV14 superhero shows and cartoons.


I think it would probably help diversify the number of people coming in for the service. After all, successful streaming services like Netflix have a wide variety of original content for all sorts of ages.

Plus, just because a series is more PG-13 doesn’t necessarily mean it would have to be in a more CW formula.

Ultimately, however, I would say that as long as the creatives involved aren’t being forced to make a story lighter and darker for marketing purposes, I’m cool with whatever the shows’ ratings are. After all, I certainly didn’t expect Titans to be as R-rated, and yet it’s been amazing.


My kids and I love watching Batman The Brave and the Bold together. Before that my older kids and I had JLU watch parties. And while I can enjoy TTGo, there needs to be more options for younger and pre-teen audiences. Great stories can still be told in that format!


There should always be something for everyone on this platform. It’s just a shame that the content hasn’t been taken seriously until the last 10-15 years


I’ve watched every show so far with my son.
Doom Patrol was “family friendly” enough.

I think DCU is doing an AWESOME job!!!

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To be honest is the job of parents mostly to control what their kids or whomever is sensitive to language and/or explicit content.Beside the fact than in the actual world of today between political, correctness, intolerance,religion and ignorance…we would never be able to watch anything so,i say let’s keep it real DC you guys are doing an excellent job keep at it!

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I love this idea. I’m a huge Fan of the Teen Titans, but was disappointed to find that the series was so mature. I’d love for there to be live action original shows that were appropriate for the whole family to watch together.


@khristian012 I totally agree that there should be more family friendly fare. The original shows all seem to lean into the TV-MA label. It would be nice if the original live action shows had a range of ratings. Violence, gore, and cursing don’t make or break a great story.