Shazam! Fury of the Gods: Official Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

Just saw it with Zontar Jr. He had a great time and enjoyed it more than the first Shazam movie. I agree with him that the action was on a bigger scale than the first film. He really enjoyed the humor. I thought it was an improvement over Black Adam, but…

When I heard that the villains would be Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu, I thought that sounded really underwhelming. Six heroes with the power of Superman, and they going up against those two?! There was no doubt Ann would side with our heroes, so that just made the odds even more stacked against the Daughters of Atlas. I think just making the villains brawny males (“the Sons of Atlas”) would have done more to attract an action audience to the theater.

I knew it would be a challenge to go from the first film, with it’s grounded personal story for Billy, including how he fit in with his new siblings, to one where all the other kids are super-powered. I think having that many super-heros was a bad move in the comics, and I’m not sure whether it made for a better movie here. I’m pretty sure Big would have been a less effective movie if it was Tom Hanks and five other main characters all experiencing youthful emotions.

I thought we spent way too time with the Wizard and way too time with Ann. There were many funny moments in the movie, but, like last year’s Thor movie, they went for humor too frequently. All of Freddy’s dialogue seemed to be one liners, with as many jokes that missed the mark as connected. Billy Batson was mostly absent, but maybe that’s for the best: Billy and Shazam are definitely not the same personality - Shazam is considerably more immature than Billy.

I had a feellng, after seeing the “Wonder Woman movie cancelled” thread suddenly spring back to life here, that the cameo would turn out to be Gal. I liked that they misled us with an initial “Wonder Woman” appearance where we didn’t see Gal at all. I loved that we then got the Wizard’s head on her body. And I liked how they used Wonder Woman in the plot, even though I didn’t understand why her status would likely bring Billy back to life.

I am not an avid fan of the Harry Potter films, and some of this felt so magic-heavy that it drifted into that territory. Part of the problem here is that characters’ powers and limits are so ill-defined that it is hard to get concerned for our characters’ safety.

Like Black Adam, I thought Fury of the Gods started out strong, and then…too many minutes of the sisters bickering over their incomprehensible needs and relationships to each other, too many minutes of the Wizard wise-cracking, too many minutes of Ann being supportive of Freddy took their toll on my enthusiasm level. Just editing out the jokes that didn’t work and cutting the number of minutes devoted to lesser characters would have helped the pacing. The action mostly worked and the humor earned a good number of chuckes, but the pacing was off.

The sisters spreading a mind-control virus through the crowd in the opening scene was very effective, but the sisters mostly stayed away from that modus operandi for the rest of the film.

Post credits. the Economos/Harcourt scene was great, maybe the funniest in the film. I loved that Shazam is objecting to being cast in the JSA. As we waited for the final post-credits scene, I leaned over to Zontar Jr and said “if there’s anyone we know that WON’T be coming next, it’s Mister Mind.” And it turned out to exactly that, and it was done well!

I appreciated the Michael Gray cameo and the shots of Mentor’s 1970’s RV in the junk yeard. I loved that they got Diedrich Bader to play the teacher.

Much of the movie worked for me. I look forward to seeing it again. But the elements that seemed liked they’d be problems months ago did turn out to be real issues to me.


It is very eady to parody. That automatically makes hating it on social media popular.


Pretty much. Holy low-hanging fruit, Batman.


Great Movie!
Great Cast and Crew!
Great Special Effects!

P.S. D.C. Should Deo A Captain Carrot Movie!
Never Mind, A Just A Lotta Animals Movie!
Just Some Animals Movie!
It Would Be Great Fun for Adults and Kids!
I Loved Captain Carrot and Just A Lotta Animals!


The wife and i really enjoyed it last night. I thought it was one of the best final fights i have seen in a while.


That would be :ok_hand:


Im old enough to recognize the guy in the red shirt and the Winnebago. The Shamaz and Isis power hour :laughing:


I’m not going to lie, when I heard that the Dame Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu were going to be in this movie, I was completely sold. This is how I convinced my sister to see this movie.

Both of them were fantastic in their roles and I loved how their roles sort of switched around as the movie went along. I truly think having these character be ‘Sons of Atlas’ would have not been nearly as cool. How often to you see actresses as villains in an action/superhero movie? It needs to be done more. I hope this starts a trend. Because both of them were great in this movie.


I went in with low expectations, and came out with a great movie experience. I liked it better than the first, and the villains (which I hated the idea when I heard about it) sold me. I hate that this film is not doing as well in theaters as it should. Hopefully word of mouth gets things going.


I saw this yesterday and thought it was just ok. I loved the first one but this one didn’t land for me. It was caught between being too silly for an adult movie and too violent for a kids movie and it was very noticeable that Shazam! is less mature as an adult than Billy Batson is as a 17-year old. It worked better in the past when he was younger but this one…didn’t work for me.

The action scenes and special effects were outstanding and the villains were very good but the rest of it - just ok for me.


I just saw this and really enjoyed it! The villains were better than I expected based on reviews. I thought Freddie/CM3 was the standout character. I like the idea of the mythological realm being open. The concept that the gods and mythical beings could return is exciting, and one I hope we get to explore. Give me Ferdinand! Let’s see the gods and monsters!

I did have some gripes. My biggest gripe is actually the same for the first movie: Shazam is less mature than Billy Batson. That gripe is a much bigger annoyance in this movie mostly because Billy is older (17 up from 14) and also because I could understand the general sense of wonder and amazement upon discovering superpowers in the first film. Other gripes include taking some jokes too far and the tone of WW cameo being all weird. It was a funeral. Why was she so smiley? There should have been some gravity to her appearance before she empowered the staff/realm. Acknowledge their surprise/awe with a brief smile/nod, then get down to business. It was actually kind of disturbing to follow the emotional scene back in Philly.


To further expand on your point at the end - How did they get his body there to begin with? They were wearing the same clothes they were wearing when he died and none of them had powers at that point so…?


Very good point! I did wonder about that. Perhaps former Champions are still recognized?


Florida’s the Sunshine State


I have been skimming through some internet reviews. They almost all are very mixed with the occasional one that really likes it. I think the key division is Levi’s performance. The few really positive ones praise him, the notably negative ones criticize it.

They seem to consistently say comedy is notably better than the drama (in the first film I said the reverse).


So … it’s been a loooong time since I saw a superhero movie in theaters … so I forgot to stick around for the end credits. :facepalm_catwoman:

Mad about this because I love Peacemaker and I hear that Hartcourt and Econimos were there!? And also a Mister Mind return? (Which I’m happy to hear about — the first movie ended like it was setting up for him to be the star of the next movie, so I was confused why the second movie didn’t have him anywhere at all.)

Overall though, I did like this movie. It had a lot of good humor to it and I felt great laughing with the audience at all the same parts. Particularly Hespera reading the non-proofread letter from the Shazamily :joy:

I think I might like the first movie a little more since the time between Shazam and Billy were split more evenly. I agree that Billy seems more serious than his Shazam counterpart, though I did like Levi’s performance. Maybe I could write it off as “Billy is less serious as Shazam because he feels more powerful in that form, thus feeling like he could do anything”?

Also, the second that civilian in the crowd referred to Shazam as Captain Marvel, I sat there like


Welcome to the community @Saywhat :00_dc_2016:

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NOOOOOOO! That’s something every comic book fan sticks around for :rofl: Even the casual moviegoers

I probably would’ve made the same mistake, considering the last time I saw a comicbook film in theaters was The Dark Knight Rises

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I KNOOOOW! I’m wearing my paper bag of shame today.


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Wow! That is a lot. Makes me feel bad for the rest of the world and how many people feel that way. If you think about it long enough, kinda makes you sad.