Shazam! Fury of the Gods: Official Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

“You want these powers? COME GET 'EM!”

Shazam! Fury of the Gods premiers in theatres tomorrow, March 17th — which means we’re only ONE DAY OUT from the official movie release!

Following the events of Shazam! (2019), Billy Batson and the fam are back at it again. Between the humdrum of schoolwork, crime-fighting, wielding the powers of the gods & other teenage issues, life’s been a little atypical since the six of them gained their otherworldly abilities. But when the Daughters of Atlas come out to play, will the Shazamily be able to keep them at bay?

In anticipation of tomorrow’s release, this thread will serve as the main hub to get Shazamin’. We can discuss all our thoughts on the movie: the story, the characters, the soundtrack, and/or how many times the word “Shazam!” gets said.

Just remember: :00_shazam: THIS THREAD CONTAINS SPOILERS! :00_shazam: Proceed with caution if you haven’t had a chance to see the movie yet!

Hope to see you there!


I plan to keep post box office news on the trailer thread. I hope it makes it to 350 million.


Can’t wait to see the stats!


Spoiler alert:

The movie comes out tomorrow.



I laughed way too hard at this “spoiler”.


I just need to say this. If anybody tells you the audience score is low that is now old news. It started at a really low 70% with expectations it would get way lower, but it has since risen to 84%. In contrast the first film had 82. It will probably lower as the early viewers are probably big fans who are watching it Thursday night, but that is not bad.


This movie might come out tomorrow, but I just got back from seeing it today. :smiley:

I’ll wait to post my thoughts until more people have seen it. But I will say that I did like it.


Saw it earlier today and my super-quick non-spoiler reaction: It was awesome. I loved it as much if not slightly more than the first Shazam movie.


That makes me so happy!! I’m racing off right after work to go see it!


The Thursday Night previews made 3.4 million dollars. In case you are wondering those numbers are not good.


Just saw it last night!

I really enjoyed it. The tone was light but still compelling, which was nice because it felt consistent with the first movie. The VFX were solid too, especially for such a small budget. Overall, it felt like a right-over-the-plate comic book movie…it knows what it is, and it doesn’t really try to be anything else. The two post-credit scenes were also very fun, and should be an interesting set up for whatever comes next in the Shazam narrative.

In any case, I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a fun, action-packed CBM with relatable characters. It was a fun time, IMO!


Same here!


At least Doug Walker really likes it.


I just saw the movie. First things first, my thoughts on the first film. That film I REALLY liked it. It was like one of those 80s kids movies with a dark edge/bite like “Goonies” or “Monster Squad”. In regards to “Fury of the Gods” - while not as good as the first movie, I still had a lot of fun with it. Still had a bit of a dark edge to it in certain scenes, the monsters (especially the dragon) were cool and the CGI, while not always that great, was still fairly imaginative. The characters were all charming and funny. Maybe a couple of vaguely dated ones, but the attitudes of the characters make them work. If I could improve anything - I feel like Zachary Levi was a bit too goofy playing as the hero version of someone about to turn 18 years old. But it wasn’t too bad and I still liked him in this movie. And I feel like this movie could be restructured or rewritten so that we could really focus on how all of the Shazam Family members are dealing with their new abilities and how it is affecting them. We could focus more on how Mary struggles with it and maybe sometimes feels like Billy should take them back. Maybe explore how Pedro feels inadequate and ashamed of himself when he is back in his normal form and is the one more regularly in superhero form. Stuff like that, but the movie as is still gave me a fun time.

I do have thoughts regarding what the ending implicates. For starters, the movie seems to indicate that they brought magic back to the realm of the gods. This could be leaving the door open for reborn versions of the Greek pantheon coming into power. There is precedent in the comics for something like this, so that could be interesting to explore. In regards to the first post-credits scene, I have…mixed feelings. I want to see Billy interact with other heroes, so I like the set-up being teased. And there was a period in the comics where Waller was in charge of a Justice League team. But I have an issue where the DCU wants to have both a League & a society when we don’t even know what the history of the new cinematic universe is supposed to be. Maybe they should manage to make one good Justice League movie that gets a sequel before trying to introduce a team that’s supposed to have existed for decades. Now the second post-credits scene…not much to say. I was disappointed Mister Mind wasn’t in this movie, but if Shazam gets another movie, I want him in the third movie.


Saw the flick last night and I loved it! Definitely one of the best live-action DC movies in recent memory, if not the best LA DC movie in recent memory.

SN 1: David F. Sandberg’s cameo was fun. He flew and then some. :smirk: :dragon:

Spoiler 1: Wonder Woman’s cameo was fun. I was thinking she might show up while Shazam was fighting Kalypso. To be the one who literally brought Billy back from the dead however, that was even better. Go, Diana!

Spoiler 2: Sivana’s cameo at the very end was fun. “Oh, GD it!” :grin:

Spoiler 3: Will we finally see Mr. Mind in the next movie? I hope so. The sound design of his voice is very cool and I could definitely go for a whole movie with him, Mr. Atom and other Shazam rogues.

Overall, a great movie that was a ton of fun and a smooch better than the first (which says a lot, as Shazam was my third-favorite DCEU movie). I might see it again while its in theaters.

SN 2: Seeing The Flash trailer on the big screen was great!

BTW, did anyone want Gatorade and Skittles after the movie? I did.


With how bad the Thursday numbers were I am surprised so many of us saw it then. Guess that is why we are the super fanatics.


Definitely agree with your points!


I definitely love me some skittles so I think that’ll be my choice of movie candy tonight :eyes:


Thank you.

chugs some Gatorade

I prefer Powerade and Vitamin Water, but Gatorade isn’t too bad, especially when mixed with Skittles.

holds out a bowl of Skittles @Jitsu’s way

You want?

If you’re wondering where the yellow pieces went, they’re on…“special assignment”. :shushing_face:


NGL, the next time I’m at the food jobber (or not necessarily the food jobber, but any place that sells nom-nom) I am definitely going to yoink a Gatorade and a package of Skittles. :smile: