SEC Watch-Along: 🦇 Batman Beyond 🦇 Eps 6-8 09/14 @ 7:30PM PT/10:30PM ET

“Heroes make a choice. I never did.”. That’ll keep you up at night

BeastBoy is having tech troubles, just chiming it to let folks know he’ll be back in a bit :slight_smile:

Appreciated, @Applejack

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Shrieve’s beard… It just screams out guilty of any number of sins

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NP @haffathot :slight_smile:

Hahaha beards always make it look like you have something to hide :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Alrighty, sorry folks, Cyborg blew a transistor. Where we at?

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“must’ve been pretty important to get you out of the house… In daylight”

About 5:20 now

Time code anyone? I uh, got a little lost.

6:40 ep 7

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I’m just starting the intro for Shriek if anyone wants to join me around 00:55

What’s wrong with a boombox?

Eep, fine, I’ll go back

Bruce, so moving.

“yellow suits, black suits, orange suits… Nice Dr. Seuss hat, btw,”…

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I just remembered this ep has one of the best Batman quotes ever, settling once and for all who the man behind the cowl thinks he is when he’s alone with his thoughts. I think it was even referenced in a recent DC Daily.

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Yeah, it was a really great look into his head!

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Terry’s so scientific.

Acoustium. Seems legit

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What is that accent Terry.