SEC Watch-Along: 🦇 Batman Beyond 🦇 Eps 6-8 09/14 @ 7:30PM PT/10:30PM ET

No digital gold for you guys.


Oh no, it’s just an ice lady.

Man, she was so cool. Pun intended

LOL. Then there’s Stretch Dad to help you not die.

“Terrific Trio” I remember watching this and being like… I see what you did there.

Stretch goals

XD Ah Bruce with the positive outlook.

@Beast Boy, agreed, and they did it on purpose just so it really hurts when they turn the screws on you

Oof, that cold feet pun. Perfect.
And RIGHT. Man.


magma’s shape looks familiar

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Yeah I can’t put my lava finger on it. :thinking:

I’m no relationship counselor, but one might want to have a word with Freon about Magma’s temper

That mustache looks familiar on the sketchy boss guy

I wonder how many times it did turn out to be a weenie roast…

I like the general’s mustache

I don’t think it is anything to heil

I feel awful for Freon

Okay, 2D too. But that scream…