Rumor: Why Wonder Woman 1984 Is Delayed

According to Grace Randolph, WW84 was delayed 7 months so that they can incorporate a flashpoint story into the movie and reboot the DCEU. The Flash movie was meant to be Flashpoint, but then was said not to be, followed by the project being pushed back because of Ezra Miller’s schedule with Fantastic Beasts. According to this rumor WB is not going to wait and will instead have Diana change the past and alter the future. What are your thoughts? Do you think it’s to be believed? Would you like this to be the case? Aquaman will have to do well if Jason doesn’t want to join Henry and Ben.


I doubt this true. There’s a number of logical reasons for why the could have done this.

1.) Joker was scheduled to come out just a month before WW84s original release date. They probably pushed it back to give that movie some breathing room.
2.) Wonder Woman was a summer box office hit, and they’re probably decided a Summer release date would serve the sequel just as well.
3.) An untitled Marvel movie is scheduled to come out a month after this one in July 2020. They probably want to go head to head with Marvel, or try and get a lead on summer ticket sales.

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I think because the competition next year will break records.

And wonder women should be a summer movie

Agreed. I’m down for superhero movies whenever, but Wonder Woman definitely feels like a summer movie, just like how Venom feels at home in October.

Personally, I blame Steve Trevor.

I stopped believing it after reading " According to Grace Randolph"

LMAO! @TX85 She’s very biased so I don’t really take her opinions too seriously, but her exclusives/sources have checked out in the past. She’s been pretty spot on with the insider information she’s been getting about the DCEU.

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Well if it’s true, it’s interesting but the execution has to be done carefully well. It can be such a welcoming decision or it can explode in WB’s face for not waiting for Flash and mess up Wonder Woman in the process

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the video:

She makes a compelling case, too!

More from Grace:

she’s been right about things before so i can see why some people do put stake in what she says. But WW84 will not be used as a “flashpoint” type of movie to soft reboot the dceu. It will do better as a summer movie and tbh, it’s probably wasn’t ready for the original release date.

But it would be crazy if she was right though.

I think Patti & Gal saw my post on twitter & would love to incorporate WonderGirl & Donna Troy into WW84 therefore bring on the reshoots. Truly dislike how these films are mad selfish with screen time for only their leading actors & actresses when they can include mad new great comic characters in their stories as well. Such as Superman has characters u can include such as Supergirl, Superboy & Powergirl considered the Sups fam. Then their is the Wonder fam, WonderGirl, & Donna Troy not so sure about Wonder Woman’s son tho, then their is the infamous Bat Fam. Everyone luvs Jason Todd but no one ever mentions BatWing Luke Fox. Lucien Fox’s son who deserves a chance to be on the big screen also. So on & so on. Aquaman has Aqualad, Dolphin, Tempest & even Aquagirl aka Aqualad’s gf. The Flash has Iris West, Wallace West, Nora West, Killer Frost, Vibe. Shazam has his adopted fam. Have them all do the ultimate mash up in the end. It’s not rocket science


That’s just theory and conjecture. And I seriously hope that is not the case.

Why truly hope not?

I would love to see a Flashpoint on the big screen, it’s one of my favorite comics all time. It just wouldn’t feel right starting in a WW movie. I also think it’s too soon for that story. WW84 is going to be great. I think they pushed it back because of timing. I’m sure there are a few other reasons, but who knows. And the movie could have some time travel element to it, but I don’t see how it will work on a scale like Flashpoint.

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O I could totally understand that. Isn’t the purpose of a Flashpoint film is to star The Flash. Just not Ezra Miller pretty plz. Get a whole new ca


What are you talking about? Ezra Miller was the only good thing about that Justice League dumpster fire.

I don’t mind Ezra Miller in the role but nah I wouldn’t say he was the best thing about Justice League

Exactly. His constant humor was mad lame