[RR:DW] Week 15: Dark Knight vs White Knight [9/7-9/20]

Welcome all!

We once again return to the Batman and Robin title for a couple of adventures that happened just before the N52 reboot. (Yes, folks we are almost to the end of the pre-52 adventures of one Damian Wayne.) The first of these adventures is concerning an odd villain called the White Knight. The second features a familiar face: Jason Todd.


Yes. We know you’re already a detective Dami. Dick has taught you well.

Lets kick this week off with a poll shall we?

This may be the Damian Wayne half of Renegade Robins but I still need to ask which Jason Todd story by Winick you all like best?

  • Under the Red Hood
  • Red Hood: Lost Days
  • The Streets Run Red
  • More Time

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Speaking of Jason, Damian sure sounds a bit like Jaybird in this panel doesn’t he?

This Week’s Issues

* Batman and Robin #20-25

There will be no discussion questions as normal. Just drop your thoughts on these issues in the comments below.


Next Month

RR:RH Jason, the Outlaws and the League of Assassins…Oh my!

RR:DW What is the secret of the Gates of Gotham?

See you all then.

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Yes! Judd Winick gets the last word on pre-Flashpoint Jason!

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Shame it felt so phoned-in, but I guess it was still better than Morrison’s B&R or, God forbid, Battle for the Cowl.

I generally adore Morrison’s Batman & Robin, so it is an odd sour note in that series. Morrison uses Jason better in [redacted because of potential spoilers for readers as we enter the New 52].

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I was not particularly fond of the Streets Run Red myself. I feel Winick had lost his touch with Jason by that point. Part of that might be due to the phoned in nature of the story but he also hadn’t written the character in awhile either.

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Very much my sentiments as well. There were a few good parts of it, but mostly I read the whole thing and found myself going “This is the same guy who wrote UTRH and the Jason in Lost Days??”

Exactly. After reading it I seriously never wanted Winick anywhere near Jason or any Bat character for that matter. This was not one of his better stories that’s for sure.

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Morrison’s Batman and Robin run was the only part of his overall Batman run that I thoroughly enjoyed. The rest not so much.

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Yeah, this run was where I went from “Winick is the best Jason writer EVER!” to the thesis I expressed back during Under the Hood that Winick hadn’t actually read his Robin run, managed to hit on thematic notes that dovetailed well with it largely by accident, and then lost touch with it here. I largely do not count as in my Jason “canon” as a result.

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Tomasi’s story is typical for his Batman stories: great characterization of the Bat-Family, boring villain. I much prefer Winick’s story in terms of the actual plot. And Scarlet is proving herself to be an ideal Robin already: she has the Boy Hostage thing down pat! I hate that she was dropped in the New 52.

I don’t count it either. I remember being excited for this story back at the time but I was just disappointed in it once it was done.

Pretty much. That is the problem I have with Tomasi’s Bat stuff. Generally speaking I can’t stand his Batman work with the N52 Batman and Robin being my least favorite title ever.

Scarlet is one of the better parts of Winick’s story. I actually really liked the character a lot and thought she would be good for Jason. I do wish she hadn’t been sent to limbo when the reboot hit.


Great. So you’re covering stuff you don’t like on your side of the club, and I’m covering stuff that I don’t like on my side of the club. I hope somebody likes these stories. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, exactly! I came for another Lost Days/Under the Red Hood style ride, and instead I got Rorschach.

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Eh, he’s nowhere near as racist or homophobic as Rorschach, so there’s that. :wink:


Yep. :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, that’s very true, I’ll stan for Surprisingly Socially Progressive Jason. But a lot of it just felt very eh.

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Social Justice Assassin?

I want that to be the name of the series that replaces Lobdell’s.

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Honestly I don’t really know who we got here but I do know I didn’t like who we got back then and still don’t like whoever it was now.

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Man, you caught me before I tweaked the phrasing.

But I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

I’m actually really excited for the arc that’s going to postcede Lobdell’s. It’s only a fill-in, apparently, but if the author delivers then I wouldn’t at all object to him sticking around. That or DC finally lets me write the Red Hood title of my dreams –

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That would by funny.