🎄[RR:Damian Wayne] Week 21: A Very Robin Christmas! [December 2020]🎄

Season’s Greetings to everyone here at Renegade Robins! I hope your holiday season is full of peace and goodwill.

My gift to all of you is a short and not very busy month of December. All month we will be reading a few holiday stories to get you and Damian in the mood for the holidays. So here we go!

*What We’re Reading"

•“Holiday Spirit” from DC Holiday Special 2017

•“The Last Minute” from DC Rebirth Holiday Special

*Batman: Li’l Gotham #3. (Damian only cameos in this one but it’s a fun story)

Also since Renegade Robins includes Jason Todd I think this is a good time to include the following just for fun.

* Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #2

You are welcome to read the other stories in these to anthologies if you like.:grin:

There will be no discussion questions this time around but if you want to talk about these three stories, other DCU holiday stories you’ve read or even about Christmases past I’d love to hear about it.

Have a safe and blessed holiday season and the best of New Years!

Join RENEGADE ROBINS for all you Jason Todd and Damian Wayne needs.

Next time on RR: Red Hood: Dark Trinity!

In Two on RR: Damian Wayne: The Dynamic Duo returns to status quo but can Damian live up to Bruce’s exacting standards for his Robins?


For anyone who just wants to read the selected stories in these anthology issues:

  1. “Holiday Spirits” is on page 52 of DC Holiday Special 2017.
  2. “The Last Minute” is on page 6 of DC Rebirth Holiday Special.

Thanks for pointing that out @AlexanderKnox. :+1:t4:

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Cute. Especially little Gotham. Very cute.
Even Freeze is so cute and oh so good for goodness sake, that he is surrounded by woodland creatures.

Is that done in watercolors? (I really know very little about art, since I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler).
It’s always a laugh to see our heroes in their natural habitat, sans capes and cowls.
Although, I was shocked that Clark and Lois keep such a tight leash on their son. It almost seems villainous. No snow for you, Jon-boy!

But of course, ‘Yule be DEAD for Christmas’ was the favorite, for me. Does it get anymore jolly than rabid reindeer?

Or sleigh snatching?

I appreciate that Robin always keeps training fresh and seasonal. This is why he’s team leader.

Another selection of shenanigans and good holiday fun.
:snowman_with_snow::snowflake::snowman::snowflake: :snowman_with_snow:

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I loved that image and the art was done in watercolors. This series is worth it for that alone in my opinion but the stories are fun too. If you enjoyed this one I recommend you give the rest a try.

I’m going to guess it’s because Jon’s powers are still developing at this point in time, which means they can flare up uncontrollably.

Yes, I loved this story too in all its weird glory. The rabid reindeer, the sleigh snatching and Alfred calmly dusting a suit of armor. Plus those bikes.

That was hilarious.

I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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