:renegade_robins: Robin Wa...Er, Skirmish! (July 16-30)

Robin Skirmish

The BatFam can’t resist the image of Damian Wayne fighting another Robin, now can it? You’ll just have to see if the Boys Wonder can work it out. Meanwhile, Steph plays much nicer when she meets up with Supergirl!

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Schedule: 2023-07-16T05:00:00Z2023-07-30T05:00:00Z


I. The Hit List

II. The Lesson (Pt. 1)

Poll: Which crossover do you prefer?
  • Tim/Damian: That’s always a hoot!
  • Steph/Kara: It’s less overplayed!
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This period of Batman Reborn was so much more disjointed, but there was still a lot of great stuff.

I miss Steph and Kara so much - I really, really wish they could team up again. I keep bugging Josh Williamson about it, but he hasn’t been able to make it happen yet that I know of. :frowning:


These issues were fun, and all new to me. Steph and Damian in the bouncy house! :rofl: :joy: