Road To The Flash Premiere Watch-Along: Batman (89), Friday, June 2nd at 5 PM Pacific/8 Eastern

Alrighty y’all- the big day of Michael Keaton’s return to the cowl in this summer’s eagerly anticipated WB film The Flash is almost upon us …

… and Super Cool @Vroom and I are ramping up the magic of this moment with our Batman 89 WAL comin’ up this Friday.

You can queue up this fantastic Batfilm right here:

The WAL kicks off at 8:PM EST/5:PM PST this Friday and we’re gonna’ have a super fun time! C’mon over and hang out!




lol I like how the OP didn’t mention Flash at all, and just stated what everyone really wants to see, Michael Keaton as Batman once again.

I know Michael Keaton isn’t going to get much screen time, common sense would say hey let’s have Michael Keaton / Batman be a secondary character in this. An maybe he will be.

hey can we get an internet rumor going that Michael Keatons/Batman throws a batarang in a scene where millers flash is running into the speed force, and the batarang gets sucked in, whacks miller in the head and thusly he is trapped in the speed force, but the batarang plinks off his head and spins into Ben Afflecks Batman verse and whacks him in the head when he is just walking around as Bruce Wayne giving him permanent amnesia and leaving him mute.

and then we cut back to Michael Keaton as himself, and he says, you’re welcome. An then we get that looney toons ending with Porky Pig, music and all; fade to black, house lights come on, and thank you, that only took 5 minutes and saved everyone an hour and a half of their lives not that it matters because those people that went still spent 20 bucks.

Batman 89 is the best.


Calling the @JusticeLeagueBookClub, @DC-TV-And-Movie-Club @ModernAgeSupermanClub and more!

The Resplendent @DC89 and I want to see YOU :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: as we head into the summer’s most-anticipated movie, :00_flash: The Flash :00_flash: !

While we count down to this Friday’s swell soiree, here’s a couple pieces from The Flash’s score to please your ears with:

If those Flashtastic tunes have an air of familiarity to you, the score to The Flash is by composer Benjamin Wallfisch, who is no stranger to DC movies and their great music, as he scored 2019’s Shazam!

Mark your calendars for this Friday (and maybe another gig next week as well :wink:), suit up in your favorite Speed Force-themed duds and @DC89 and I will see you right here, this Friday! :partying_face:

SN: Please don’t run into the past or future for your own purposes. That’s bad, m’kay? M’kay. :nerd_face:


While I’m plenty excited to see Keaton back on the big screen as Batman, I’m even more excited for:

:00_flash: The Flash’s solo live-action movie debut.

:00_supergirl: Supergirl’s first live-action movie adventure in nearly 40 years.

:alien: The DCEU General Zod’s return.

:man_shrugging:t2: Cameos and surprises!

There’s more to this movie than Batman, after all. :wink:


I’ve just watch this movie recently! Guess I’ll have to play Partyman, then again that would be scandalous! Who do you trust? Me I’m giving away free post, and where is the @Vroom? Is he at home listening to Prince music?:laughing:
Ok I didn’t plan on writing all that, it just came to me while writing.:slightly_smiling_face: The watch along sound fun as always.


Nah, I’m at home…washing my tights! :laughing:

Let’s talk The Flash, Prez: What are you most excited to see in Barry’s big-screen solo gig?


I have to say I like his suit, I think it looks cool, and can’t wait to see alot of special effect and the return of Michael Keaton, I honestly thought I’d never see him as Batman again. And looking forward to see Supergirl as well, her outfit look cool. Nice outfit.:grin:
I think the movie will do good.:slightly_smiling_face:


Agreed. I like how Flash is wearing something much more comic-centric (and strongly inspired by his New 52 design) in this movie than he did in his Suicide Squad cameo, on TV and in Justice League.

That outfit was fine and good, but come on, we all really like to see comic-esque (if not outright completely comic-accurate, when possible) costumes.

Have you seen Batman and Batman Returns in-theater, or will this be your first big screen outing with KeatBats?


As a huge Superman fan, I’m glad to see that this flick has a li’l sum-summin’ for those of us from the House of El as well. :superman_hv_4:


The Flash has received incredibly positive reviews, so far. With that much positive word of mouth already in-place and more to come, I’m hoping it will spur folks to speed into their theaters and support the movie, not to mention check out Flash comics as well.


Yup, I have seen all Batman 89, Batman Returns, Mask Of The Phantasm, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Batman v Superman, suicide Squad (first movie) Justice League, Joker, The Batman all at the movie theater throughout the years. :grinning::popcorn:


I’ve seen everything from Burton’s Batman up to and including Shazam!: Fury of the Gods in-theater, along with special screenings of Superman: The Movie.

I’d love to see Supermans II-IV and Supergirl on the big screen, someday.

Oh, and Batman: The Movie, too.

Seeing Batman say “Some days, you just can’t get rid of a bomb!” in a sold-out theater of fans would likely be a treat and then some.


Yeah it’d be great to see Batman The movie on the big screen, I wasn’t even born when it came out, never saw Superman the movie, or any Christopher Reeve Superman on the big screen, which I’m sorry to say.:slightly_frowning_face:


Just Imagine™…sitting in a packed theater of your fellow fans as Batman fights the good fight against a painfully obvious, but wonderfully charming, rubber shark on the big screen.

Same. I wasn’t anywhere close to being a thought in my parents’ heads then, as they didn’t come to know each other until the '70s and at that, I was born the same year Superman III debuted.

There’s a claim to fame: “I was born the year the Richard Pryor-co-starring Superman movie came out.”

However…I was also born the year that Return of the Jedi came out, so I’ve got that going for me…which is nice. :sunglasses:



:00_batman_1989: :00_batman_1989: :00_batman_1989:


My bad y’all- I was halfway out the door when I put this thread together and totally accidentally x’ed out Mr. Miller and his contribution to his big movie. Sorry. :zipper_mouth_face: :unamused:


Completely okay, as we all speed about in a Flash from time to time. :flash_hv_5:

Harley Quinn Rimshot GIF

Thank you! I’m here all week! Try the Big Belly Burger!

Oh, and see The Flash…in theaters June 16th. :superman_hv_4:


I think it’s interesting that they went with two comic non-accurate versions of the Flash unform (albeit there’s a number of elements where this can also be implied to a fair amount for the MoS uniform) - but we’d already gone there, to a certain degree with the DCW show, and I think that very uncomfortable looking Kid Flash suit from that show, even if it was far more comic accurate, is a good example of why that isn’t always the way to go.

But even though there were some things to like about the first suit

just as there were about Henry’s suit, just looking at them without the grading they added to the Cult Leader’s released versions, and you can see that it was the material that made them look, shall we say, off?

Again, all that said, I do think this was a huge improvement save for the head gear, as others have commented. Ezra has such a chiseled jaw and a nice looking head that it was probably never a good idea. Something like the head gear and some similarities to the Teddy Sear’s suit from the Earth Two Art Deco arc from the DCW Flash might have been a better compromise.

As for the upcoming movie, Keaton is the least interesting thing to me about it, but I know I’m an outlier on that as far as the crowd here goes. I tried to watch parts of the movie while it had started, it was some of the dinner party scenes at Stately Wayne Manor, and it was so jarring I couldn’t watch the rest of it.


I saw Superman II in the theatre when it first came out. It was the first DC Comics movie I ever saw in a theatre. I also saw Batman '89 and its sequels on the big screen. Unfortunately, since then getting to see DC movies in the theatre has been kind of hit and miss!




They did 30th anniversary screenings last year. I’m sure they will do 40th, possibly even 35th. I wouldn’t be surprised if some theaters show it this June.

@Vroom I’ve never seen all of Supergirl from start to finish, so I would be up to seeing that movie on a big screen as well.

Sad Batman Cosplaying as Superman