Reading Recommends For Halloween

Is there a Halloween themed section for the seasonal reads coming anytime soon? it Might seem A bit obvious but Has anyone Notice , you Don’t need to make The Batman into a Horror, but it is there mostly already? Most of The Batman Villain List consist of mere Boogymen. Scarecrow, Clayface and Killer Kroc could all center a Horror movie. I noticed this when I was reading Arkham Asylum: Living Hell. Then I started tailoring a Halloween List of my own to set the Horror theme.
Justice League Dark ( 1-3) 2018 , Arkham Manor , Arkham Reborn , Batman : Kings of Fear , DC House of Horror ( One Shot) , Frankenstein Agents of Shade , House of Secrets #92 ( Swamp Things first)

And The Batman" The Long Halloween" , but really, it should of been called The Long Holiday, since it features Vday, Xmas and most of the other ones.
What are Good Halloween suggestions and what does everyone think Is a good Comic to read during the Autumn and Halloween approaching for good Scares and horror related storytelling? Is there any one Book you come back too each Halloween?


Jeff Lemire’s Animal Man gets pretty freaky, especially with the Rotworld storylines that cross over with Snyder’s Swamp Thing. That’s probably my favorite spooky superhero story. Gotham by Gaslight is also a classic. Otherwise, House of Mystery and House of Suspense are stuffed full of classic horror shorts. I should also mention that some of Alan Moore’s earlier Swamp Thing stories are excellent horror tales. The werewolf story and the Winchester House story in particular always stand out to me. Hope you find something spooky for the season!


Gotham by Midnight is extremely underrated and well worth your time if you’re in search of a good spook.


Sounds good Batwing52 , I’ll Add Gotham By Midnight

For Batman and classic horror:

The Frankenstein inspired story Castle of the Bat.

There’s also the Batman and Dracula trilogy. Only the first part, Red Rain, is currently available on DCU.

For Batman and modern horror:

Batman encounters the Xenomorphs in Batman/Aliens and its follow up Batman/Aliens 2.

Bats teams up with Supes in Superman and Batman versus Aliens and Predator.

There should be a Halloween themed section coming up, they usually do that stuff for holidays

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There’s the DC House of Horror one-shot, and several halloween specials. There’s also the Legend of the Dark Knight specials.


To quote Jim Carrey’s Riddler:

“Here’s a good one!”


This came out in the direct market last week, while its digital and bookstore market release is this Tuesday:


This is available on DCU:

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Not on DCU, but available at better Walmart stores now and at comic stores on 10/30 is the Ghosts 100 Page Giant #1.


House of Mystery:

House of Secrets:

Len Wein’s Swamp Thing:

Saga of the Swamp Thing:

The Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love:

Jack Kirby’s The Demon:


is the Green Lanterns Halloween Special on the App? that looks cool

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Also my Local Comic Shop better get that DC Ghosts Giant , not to mention the Svengoolie crossover O__o

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@AsyroWolfboy Green Lanterns #8 is indeed in the comics library as is the Wildstorm Halloween book.

I hope your shop will have Ghosts Giant #1. It’s a fun book.

I recently bought Batman: The Long Halloween

I would’ve expected for people to be suggesting this, that being said, should my hopes be down?

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Anonymousbluebeetle I read that last Halloween , its Up there with Dark knight Returns, I Liked it so much I read the Sequel “Dark Victory” same team of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale.

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Flash ( 2016 ) #55

An overlooked one that’s not only a good book for Halloween, but is one of the better New 52 books, was I, Vampire by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Andrea Sorrantino, about the Andrew Bennett, a tortured vampire from the Victorian era who has come to hunt vampires, lead by the bloodthirsty Mary, Queen of the Damned…and his former betrothed, who he made a vampire in the first place.

It’s a good book for the season – it has it’s spooky dark moments, but also has a fair amount of humor to it, it’s pretty short and only has one tie-in to Justice League Dark and tells a pretty complete story. I’d definitely recommend it.

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Ah, yes. The New 52 volume of I, Vampire was indeed a good read.